BBI MY4.5 NEW Stage 5 Performance Injector Set



Stage 5

Originally these injectors have a flow rate of 60 l/h @ a pressure of 100bar.
Stage 5 nozzle flow rate of 255 l/h/100bar –> 315% increase compared to stock


Big Bang Injection continues to push the performance envelope. We are now ready to offer the much requested BBi Stage 5 Injector for the MY04.5 thru MY07 5.9 Cummins engine.
These injectors are capable of over 2000 rwhp. Injection quantity reduction is a simple adjustment, thanks to Smarty. Decrease fuel quantity to satisfy the needs of your current set up, or crank it up to over 2000 RWHP. Twin turbo chargers and dual injection pumps are highly suggested.

Like every BBI Injector ever made, these have NO modifications that decrease longevity compared to an OEM unit. BBi injectors are designed, then built by hand, to last as long as, or longer, than a brand new OEM stock injector.

The Stage 5 Injector offers a HUGE output increase with the proper supporting modifications. Rear wheel horse power of over 2000 will be achievable with these injectors. These have passed our stringent long term durability testing with flying colors. We put quality and durability at the top of our list.

This product is not legal for use in the State of California

warranty 2 years / unlimited mileage