BBI MY4.5 Stage 0.5 Performance Injector Set


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Stage 0.5 
Originally these injectors have a flow rate of 61.8 l/h @ a pressure of 100bar.
Ours flow at a rate of 76.2 l/h/100bar –> 24% increase compared to stock
For model years 2004.5-2007 we utilize a 124° spray angle 

Our MY04.5 Stage 0.5 injectors use the same nozzle flow as our stage 1 injectors use. ( Nozzle flow rate of 76.2 l/h/100 bar –> 24% increase compared to stock)

The Stage 0.5s are detuned for lower emissions and exhaust gas temperatures. An increase in fuel economy will be noticed as they have a shorter injection duration, with the same energizing time as the OEM injectors. This makes the Stage 0.5 a perfect towing injector. These injectors are capable of up to 700rwhp.

Note on Stage 2-4 for these years

Because of the inappropriate nozzle spray angle we do not offer a higher flow nozzle for these types of engines. Any larger than the Stage 1, our quality control standards could not be met. In addition to the Stage 1 nozzles the complete injector setup can be changed, which provides better engine response and high performance at high rpms. Changing to 2003 Pistons paves the way to use our MY03 Nozzles, with their ideal spray angle. With the 2003 style pistons, there are no Limits on Power or reliability.

This product is not legal for use in the State of California


warranty 2 years / unlimited mileage