BBI Supply Tubes 2003-2018 6pcs



Supply Tubes

It is highly recommended that you install new supply tubes when you purchase a new set of BBI Performance Injectors. Inside the supply tubes is a filter that will break up any particles larger than 50µm. The effectiveness of this filter will decrease over time, as well as additional wear on the sealing cone. It is for these reasons that we recommend purchasing a new set of tubes any time you upgrade your injectors.

About Us

Big Bang Injection was formed at the request of accomplished engine software tuning guru Marco, of MADS Electronics, SMARTY fame. After extensive testing and research of existing aftermarket performance injector options, none were found to be built to an acceptable standard, when utilized in an extreme performance application. Marco clearly saw a need in the aftermarket, for a top shelf injector with consistencies, tolerances and calibrations, as good as and better than OEM quality.

Unable to locate a suitable existing product, Marco sought out, the best of the best, leaders in the field of Common Rail Fuel Injection Technology. Two years later, after thousands of dynamometer runs, and tens of thousands of street driven miles, we are READY. Big Bang Injection has come to market with every intention to dominate. We did not come here to “play”, nor do we intend to “compete”. We are here, ready to dominate the aftermarket performance Common Rail Injector Industry. Big Bang Injection has raised the bar, so HIGH, it’s now out of the reach of the competition.

That was and is our intention. Set the bar SO high, that everyone else must jump, to even imagine touching the new industry standards set by BBI, which all other players must now be measured. See for yourself, that we are not just blowing smoke. We are sure you will enjoy our products as much as we do!