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Why Should You Choose BBI Injectors?

BBI Injectors are unlike any other Cummins Common Rail Injectors on the market. Each set of BBI Injectors are hand-built and designed to give you the best diesel experience.  Built with only the best quality in mind, BBI injectors are only assembled by highly trained individuals, under sterile circumstances. This ensures that outside contaminants cannot affect the quality and power output of the BBI Injector. 

What does this mean for the BBI Injector consumer?

  • No more injector rattle. BBI has found and fixed the root of the issue with their injectors. 
  • The injector will work perfectly in all circumstances. Each BBI Injector is tested at different pressure levels and amounts of load. 
  • Minimizes unburnt fuel. BBI Injectors have exactly accurate spray angle, hole diameter & shape for a complete and efficient burn.