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  1. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Well at this point till I can get a Dongle this topic is dead. Going no further. I'll just remain on the Quadzilla for now till I can afford all the toys that I'm missing.
  2. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Well its a dead end... Till I can afford the dongle it on hold once again.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Well crap. I'm at a dead end.
  4. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Ummm... I was told by Dylan I need to use the UDC Pro. No. No.
  5. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    I'm trying not to go that route. Every time there is an issue it ends up in a phone call or support ticket and the answer to these simple issue remain unanswered and there no information here for self-help. I want to get these answer. Now the other issue I'm seeing is the UDC software is showing DEMO in the corner and I can seem to get rid of it. I assume that has to do with why it won't opens files possibly. I don't know.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Now I'm going crazy. I can get a copy of the stock tune in an S2G format but the UDC program won't open anything but a SYL file. How do you even start a tune if you got nothing to start from even a stock tune?
  7. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    Another question how do you create tune file from the Smarty to the SD card so you can look at it? I've hunted all over the SD card for even a stock tune or anything and it like not there. Even though I flashed a tune and returned to stock I would assume my stock tune would be present to look at.
  8. Mopar1973Man

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    I've got to ask if I pull the SD card on the Smarty what file do I want to pull to read the tune? Where is it stored at on the SD card?
  9. Now I've gotten geared up and fired up once. Now I need to build a tune for the Smarty that is fitting for the mods I've got on my truck. The list is long so I'm going to cheat and use my Garage Mod list link. https://mopar1973man.com/garage/vehicle/101-2002-dodge-ram-2500/?show=mods Now in a nutshell, I've got +75HP (7 x 0.0085) injectors, HX35/40 hybrid (60/60/12). Now I know the on the box tunes are going to fit right. Fueling wise as well as timing wise. I'm going to need guidance on how to build a tune on the Smarty Touch. In the meantime my Quadzilla remains as a primary tuner. Yes I can shut it off by just selecting ZERO level and it bypasses the tuner. Now just reviewing last night the whole UDC tuning is seriously complex. Where do I even start? I can tell you for a good clean tune from the Quad I use a starting fuel point of 80% (of stock) and work my way up. Now Smarty UDC uses mm3 for values. Another confusion... I would have to ask what is the maximum mm3 value for VP44 pump then I can convert to a percentage till I understand more.
  10. I'm going to man up and cover this forum the best I can. All you 2nd Gen owners I can help out with many other issues and problems.
  11. Mopar1973Man

    2005 48RE 4th Gear 20% Throttle Issue SOLVED!!!

    That is another common issue that fouls the computers because their data might change the behavior of different function because of road speed.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    2005 48RE 4th Gear 20% Throttle Issue SOLVED!!!

    Figured I'd share my tidbit... Might not this time but it might help.
  13. Mopar1973Man

    2005 48RE 4th Gear 20% Throttle Issue SOLVED!!!

    Can I dive in to help? You might try checking the AC noise output from the alternator and see how much is there? https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/52_transmission-transfer-case/torque-converter-issues-and-alternator-noise-testing-r388/ I know this is all 2nd Gen information but I've got good feedback showing that it does affect other generations just the same. If you do find the alternator diodes are damage I do have diode pack on hand as well. Then I'm not sure of the ground wire routing for 3rd gen but here is a fix we did on the 2nd gen... https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/ground-reference-vp44ecmpcmpdc-plus-tc-lockunlock-r567/ So AC noise from the alternator play against sensors that track speed like tach signals or road speed.
  14. Smarty tuning instruction for the REVOlution software For the first time the Cummins engine performance tuning software can now be customized by the customer. Today we bring you a whole new tuning concept with a handheld tuner. The REVOlution starts here! How does it work? If you prefer the Smarty's default software configuration, simply skip the “Adjust Options” menu and choose the CaTCHER level you prefer, as in the previous Smarty software. If you want to change the default setting of any (or all…) of the customizable items, you can enter the “ Adjust Options” menu, navigate with the “ > “ and “ < “ keys to the item you want to customize and enter your choice. Done! Smarty will do the rest. Once the end of the item list is reached, Smarty will store your selections in its memory. In this way, your preferred selections will be applied every time you program your truck. As a simple example, if you set the Speed limiter to “100”, Smarty will always use that value for all ECM updates, until you change the value again or return the truck back to stock. When you enter the “ECM update“ menu you will find the chapter: “Adjust Options“. Once entered, this menu allows you to choose among several items and levels of customization. Speed-limiter From 25 to 250 mph in one mile increments Torque Management: # 0 - Default # 1 - Stock # 2 - Mild # 3 - Moderate # 4 - Wild (aftermarket clutch / AT Transmission recommended) Then higher the # you choose then less torque management remains and then more aggressive the throttle response becomes. Injection Timing: # 0 - Default # 1 - Stock # 2 – Greatest # 3 – Advanced (less than level #2) # 4 – Moderate (less than level #3) Important! The odd numbered SW's ( 1,3,5,7 & 9 ) use the advanced timing and the even numbered SW's ( 2,4,6 & 8 ) use the stock timing. This is only true if you don't adjust the options! With the Revo you can choose ANY timing you want, no matter if the CaTCHER you'll download is odd or even! You CAN, add timing to the software's that have none, or use the stock timing in the odd # ones. Your pleasure.... By definition for all adjustable options the default is # 2. EXCEPT for the timing. The timing has two defaults. # 1 for the even numbered SW's ( stock timing ) # 2 for the odd numbered SW ( advanced timing ). To avoid confusion and to help the customer in returning all levels to default ( if need be ), key # 0 is used to return Smarty back to the default levels. This is most important for the timing. When Smarty is set back to default with key # 0, the even numbered software's will use the stock timing and the odd numbered ones the advanced timing. Rail pressure: # 0 - Default # 1 - Stock # 2 - Mild # 3 – Moderate* # 4 – Wild* (aftermarket injectors are a MUST) * In order to avoid damage to the injection system, do not use for prolonged time. Wastegate: (for the 2004.5 and up trucks with the electronic wastegate only) # 0 - Stock (On) # 1 - Off ( for aftermarket turbo ) Orignal Document RevoSW_Instructions.pdf
  15. Supported PID'S Dodge RAM 6.7L C&C MY 2013 - 2017 Group Short name Long name ----------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ADVALUES DTC#Clr* # of warm-ups since DTC cleared SAE ADVALUES KeyC Key Counter AIRFLOW EGR-F EGR Flow AIRFLOW MAF Mass Air Flow AIRFLOW VGT-AF VGT Turbo Air Flow INJ_QTY EFR* Engine Fuel Rate SAE MISC AFT-AS AFT Ammonia Sensor MISC AFT-DEF AFT DEF Dosing Rate MISC ClrDist* Distance since DTC cleared SAE MISC DistMIL* Distance since MIL is activated SAE MISC ETM Engine Torque Mode MISC FPT Flywheel Potential Torque (68RFE) MISC FCS Fueling Control State MISC HSG-AS High Speed Governor Active Speed PERCENTAGE AFT-DEF AFT DEF Quality Sensor PERCENTAGE EGRC-E EGR Cooler Efficiency PERCENTAGE EGR EGR Valve Actual Position PERCENTAGE EGR-D EGR Valve Position Desired PERCENTAGE Load-% Engine Load % Actual PERCENTAGE Load-%* Engine Load % Actual SAE PERCENTAGE Load-%C* Engine Load % Calculated SAE PERCENTAGE Load-%D* Engine Load % Desired SAE PERCENTAGE EBV-P Exhaust Bypass Valve Position PERCENTAGE Fan-DC Fan Duty Cycle PERCENTAGE Fuel-%* Fuel Level % SAE PERCENTAGE IATH-A Intake Air Throttle Position Actual PERCENTAGE IATH-D Intake Air Throttle Position Desired PERCENTAGE TP-% Throttle Position PERCENTAGE TP1-% Throttle 1 Position PERCENTAGE TP2-% Throttle 2 Position PERCENTAGE TP-A* Throttle Absolute Position SAE PERCENTAGE VGT VGT Turbo Position Actual PERCENTAGE VGT-D VGT Turbo Position Desired PRESSURE AC-P AC Pressure PRESSURE Baro-P Barometric Pressure PRESSURE Baro-P* Barometric Pressure SAE PRESSURE Boost Boost Pressure PRESSURE CRKC-P Crankcase Pressure PRESSURE DPF-DP DPF Delta Pressure PRESSURE DPF-OP DPF Outlet Pressure PRESSURE EXH-P Exhaust Pressure PRESSURE RP Rail Pressure Actual PRESSURE RP-D Rail Pressure Desired PRESSURE RP-R Rail Pressure Rationality PRESSURE VGT-IP VGT Compressor Inlet Air Pressure RPM ES Engine Speed RPM ES* Engine Speed SAE RPM Fan Fan Speed RPM TA-A Turbine Acceleration Actual (68RFE) RPM TA-D Turbine Acceleration Desired (68RFE) RPM VGT-S VGT Turbo Speed SPEED Speed Vehicle Speed SPEED Speed* Vehicle Speed SAE TEMPERATURE AAT Ambient Air Temperature TEMPERATURE AAT* Ambient Air Temperature SAE TEMPERATURE CAT-IT Catalyst Inlet Temperature TEMPERATURE CAT-OT Catalyst Outlet Temperature TEMPERATURE DPF-OT Catalyst Soot Filter Outlet Temperature TEMPERATURE EGR-Temp EGR Orifice Temperature TEMPERATURE ECT Engine Coolant Temp TEMPERATURE ECT* Engine Coolant Temp SAE TEMPERATURE IAT* Intake Air Temperature SAE TEMPERATURE IAM-T Intake Manifold Temperature TEMPERATURE IC-OT Intercooler Outlet Temperature TEMPERATURE STC-IT S2GR2G_Controller_Internal_Temp TEMPERATURE EGT-CJ S2GR2G_EGT_Sensor_Cold_Junction_Temp TEMPERATURE EGT S2GR2G_EGT_Sensor_Temp TEMPERATURE SCR-IT SCR Inlet Temperature TEMPERATURE SCR-ITML SCR Inlet Temperature Max Lifetime TEMPERATURE SCR-OT SCR Outlet Temperature TEMPERATURE SCR-OTML SCR Outlet Temperature Max Lifetime TEMPERATURE VGT-IT VGT Compressor Inlet Air Temp TIMER T-ES* Time Since Engine Start SAE TIMING TIM* Main Injection Timing SAE TRANSMISSION OS Output Speed (68RFE) TRANSMISSION Gear-P Present Gear (68RFE) TRANSMISSION Gear-S Selected Gear (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TCC-S TCC State (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TQ-S Torque Converter Slip (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TRANS-OT Trans Oil Temperature (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TOS-S Trans Output Shaft Speed (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TP Trans Pressure Actual (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TP-D Trans Pressure Desired (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TP-DC Trans Pressure Duty Cycle (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TP-V Trans Pressure Volt (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TT-V Trans Temperature Volt (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TTS Trans Turbine Speed Actual (68RFE) TRANSMISSION TTS-D Trans Turbine Speed Desired (68RFE) TRANSMISSION T-LIMP Transmission Limp In Status (0=Manual/AISIN,1=68RFE) VOLT Alt-V Alternator Volt Actual VOLT AAP-V Ambient Air Pressure Volt VOLT Boost-V Boost Pressure Sensor Volt VOLT CAT-ITV Catalyst Inlet Temperature Volt VOLT CAT-OTV Catalyst Outlet Temperature Volt VOLT CK-PV Crankcase Pressure Volt VOLT DPF-DPV DPF Delta Pressure Volt VOLT DPF-OTV DPF Outlet Temp Volt VOLT ECM-V ECM Volt VOLT ECM-V* ECM Volt SAE VOLT EGR-TV EGR Orifice Temperature Volt VOLT EGR-PV EGR Valve Position Volt VOLT ECT-V Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Volt VOLT EXP-V Exhaust Pressure Sensor Volt VOLT IAT-TPV Intake Air Throttle Position Volt VOLT IMT-V Intake Manifold Temperature Volt VOLT IC-OTV Intercooler Outlet Temperature Volt VOLT RP-RV Rail Pressure Rationality Sensor Volt VOLT RP-V Rail Pressure Sensor Volt VOLT STC-SV S2GR2G_Controller_Supply_Volt VOLT SCR-ITV SCR Inlet Temperature Volt VOLT SCR-OTV SCR Outlet Temperature Voltage VOLT TP1-V Throttle 1 Position Volt VOLT TP2-V Throttle 2 Position Volt VOLT V-D Volt desired