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  1. N1NJ4ON3R

    aftermarket turbo

    Nothing special, same setup just a 2nd gen mani. My smarty jr works well with this setup.
  2. N1NJ4ON3R

    Couple of Q's

    Brian do you know the et on the 6.7l touch. Sorry to get off topic.
  3. N1NJ4ON3R

    Udc tuning?

    Reason being I don't want to get rid of my smarty because it works well with my setup.
  4. N1NJ4ON3R

    Udc tuning?

    When will it be available? And how will it benefit me over your box tunes?
  5. N1NJ4ON3R

    Udc tuning?

    Being that I have a J67 will udc do much for me. Mods in my sig. Stock lift, cp3, and sticks. Thanks nate.
  6. N1NJ4ON3R

    aftermarket turbo

    Boost is controlled by the amount of fuel. lil video of lite towing. Video link is better quality for some reason.
  7. N1NJ4ON3R

    Emission legal/street tune Q

    great findings... looking forward to sw3 results as well.
  8. N1NJ4ON3R

    timing question...

    perhaps some BBi's... lol.
  9. N1NJ4ON3R

    timing question...

    so injector rattle... that what I was thinking is this a concern? I like the way it sounds. only does it when you get on the skinny pedal. just notice it more than tm3. I like the way it runs now I think i'm happy as long as they're are no ill effects(meltdown or high drive pressure). thanks nate
  10. N1NJ4ON3R

    19.5 inch conversion

    nice job... look swell.
  11. N1NJ4ON3R

    timing question...

    have another one for you Brian... turned back to sw2 tm4 tq4 but I noticed a lot more timing rattle compared to tm3. is this timing to much for me or unsafe on my motor. my super b special seem to like it though:)
  12. N1NJ4ON3R

    timing question...

    thanks Brian!
  13. N1NJ4ON3R

    timing question...

    quick question. running ver.23me on sw3 what is the best timing default or tm4? sorry for a silly question :facepalm: is default the same as tm4 on sw3?
  14. N1NJ4ON3R

    aftermarket turbo

    I'm loving it! was amazed how fast she lites with the smarty jr. (sw2 tm3 tq3). before on the top end with the stocker I would get heavy smoke(sw3 tm3 tq3) couldn't eat it. now on the special she eats it all just a haze all the way through. just how I like it all power no waste
  15. N1NJ4ON3R

    aftermarket turbo

    few more. really like the way the special spools with the smarty... sooo much better than the stocker;)btw egt's down 100*