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  1. Mwise13

    Several S-67 Questions

    Ditch the power puck. Update the tnt software to your smarty and you'll be blown away!!!
  2. Updated the tnt to the smarty. All I can say is wow!!! Left me speechless!!! This thing is snappy as hell!

    Thanks Brian!!!

  3. Thanks for the help Brian. Should have the tnt within a week. Along with 100 horse injectors and gauges. I'll keep you posted on the tnt once I set it up. Thanks again!!!


  4. Thanks Brian. I'm not a member on them cummins forums and the chances of them responding to me are very little. Would the tnt software work for me instead of the tntr?? I can get the tnt from a diesel mechanic. He said it will work.

  5. I've searched but can't find anybody with the tntr update for the ME tune. Can you point me in the right direction to where to look or who may have the update? Also would US updates work on my ME software??


  6. How do I download the tnt or tnt-r to my smarty? Where do I find these updates? Somebody please help me. Very frustrated. Appreciate the help. Thanks!
  7. Hey Brian I'm new here. I was wanting to know if you could update the sr-67me?? I want the tnt or tntr update if possible. Answers will help tremendously.



  8. Mwise13

    Several S-67 Questions

    Can you update this sr-67me?? I want the tnt or tntr