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  1. skirk55

    update or Not

    My smarty j-67ME is a year old. Is there an updated software for my smarty? Can I update it with the ME and keep it?
  2. skirk55

    100 HP Tune?

    Thank you I will set it @100hp . This is nice!
  3. skirk55

    100 HP Tune?

    I run the 100 hp tune for mpg. I do not know if it is ok in the winter when it is cold. Is it safe to run it? Just to be safe I changed it to 60 hp.
  4. skirk55

    egr delete

    For more than a year my 2011Dodge diesel has been fine with my J-67ME. Now I want to remove the egr. What do aaI need to due to the Smarty so it works?
  5. skirk55


    I have the J-67 ME on my 2011 Dodge 2500 Diesel. I have it set at Tow/Haul. I want to set it up for the best mpg. It asked my about timming. I set it at default. What is the best way to set up the truck?
  6. skirk55

    Oil Change?

    Ok nice I was told about MPG and Hp not oil. This is nice!
  7. skirk55

    Oil Change?

    My Dodge always needed to have it's oil changed at around 3000 miles. Now that I installed my Smarty my mileage is 3211 and no message to change my oil. Did the smarty turn this off?
  8. I have no Idea. Rollin smoke diesel took care of my issue. James is very good!

  9. skirk55


    I ran my truck with #3 setting and used defult timming. Nice! I do not know about the timming settings. Will it hurt my head gasket if I set the timming at #3 ?
  10. just wondering i tried to put smarty jr on my 2011 dodge 6.7 diesel and it loads to 100 percent and then i get code 152 program aborted just wondering how to fix this

  11. skirk55


    Last weekend I pulled my fifth wheel. Power was very impressive! Mph went from 9 to 13 wow nice. The trip home I do not know I still have a half a tank. Not the same truck. I am going to add an EGT gauge for when we pull through the hills. For the money the results are well worth the cost. This summer it will pay for itself.
  12. skirk55

    Trans Question

    Can I use the B&D line pressure booster with my Smarty? The trans feels too loose.
  13. skirk55


    I am looking to purchase gauges for my truck now. Any chance Smarty would make a gauge system soon?
  14. skirk55


    Wait I need to get over the power at my foot! After I get done with my new toy I will get a mpg readings.
  15. skirk55


    Thanks today I ran it at the lowest setting I am inpressed. Can wait until the ride to work Tuesday on #3.