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  1. xcc_rider

    steps for updating my smarty jr67 for deletes

    No need to return to stock. Just load the new tune over the existing one. Check your pm inbox for more info.
  2. xcc_rider

    JR67 problem!!

    What do you mean by disprogramed (turned off)? Did the ecm crash? Did someone flash over your tune? Did you load an incorrect 🙂 tune and you want to go back to your previous tune? Or??????? What do you want to turn back on???
  3. have a 2008 dodge ram 2500 6.7l diesel truck. I have a J67 Smarty Jr tuner non US.I have the ego delete kit on this truck. I upgraded the smarty software yesterday to the latest version from the Mads page. I now have 5 DTC codes all related to the emissions. These codes won't delete. The file I upgraded with is SJ67V606k-DRS01M.smt. All of the pollution stuff is disconnected. Why do I have these error codes as they weren't there before the upgrade?


    Thanks Ellis Woods

    Ewoods@ mts.net

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    2. Ellis


      Can I just upload this to the Smarty now and then update the ECM.I currently have 5 error codes will that be an issue?


      Thanks for your time and help and advice on this.




    3. xcc_rider


      It shouldn't be a problem if you're not showing the dpf full, see dealer now message on the overhead.

    4. Ellis


      Thanks all is working


  4. hi im having issues with my smarty jr. ive been trying all morning to get the me files for a 2012 6.7 and nothing seems to work. ive seen your name come up lots and I was wondering if you could help. thanks!

    1. xcc_rider


      I'm sorry, I just now saw your message.

      Are you still having problems?

      If so then pm me instead of posting on my profile . PM's will email me I have a message where posting on my profile doesn't. 

      thx, dan

  5. xcc_rider

    Vin Locked Smarty Jr

    CT, the other two posts in this thread were having issues. My tuner is working quite well. Thx, dan
  6. xcc_rider

    Me file for smarty jr 67

    You have a pm
  7. xcc_rider

    Return to stock, Vin locked

    They're closed on the weekend of course but they should be getting back to you on Monday. They do most their support thru support tickets. You can read about it in the link below. You could also pm brian or moparman (both are contributors in the link and are Mads reps) for assistance.
  8. xcc_rider

    Return to stock, Vin locked

    I'll assume you have a ME version. Did you return the ecm to stock with the Smarty before installing the MiniMax? If not then the MiniMax overwrote the Smarty tuning and there's no way to return the Smarty to stock and unlock the tuner. Mads may help you out but you'll probably need to jump thru a few hoops to convince them.
  9. xcc_rider

    Return to stock, Vin locked

    A little more info could help. Are you saying you returned your truck to stock but the tuner is still vin locked to the ecm? If so then tell us exactly what you did/selected to return to stock. Is it a new US tuner or Middle East (ME) tuner?
  10. xcc_rider

    Newest Me file?...confused

    Tunes are updated when Ram updates their tuning (dealer flashes), to correct issues and to improve performance, efficiency and fuel economy. What each tune improves on I cant say but there are improvements for each new tune. Hope this helps, dan
  11. xcc_rider

    S-67 me latest updates

    Don't know if I previously contacted you. If not the please check your pm inbox
  12. xcc_rider

    S-67 me latest updates

    You have a pm
  13. xcc_rider

    Newest Me file?...confused

    You have a pm.
  14. xcc_rider

    JR6.7 pd601

    Try reading this one
  15. xcc_rider

    ME update

    Sounds like you're good to go.