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  1. Wondering if you can help.

    I'm in Maine

    Bought Smarty S-JR67 in 2014. Hooked up to my 08 6.7 (set at performance)and worked fine for one yr. Then coming up interstate once the truck did major smoking and went into limp mode. Never did I continually hammer on it just was using the truck to tow landscape trailer. So when it gets home I hook up programmer to it and kept getting can 161 error. I tried everything and then had the company send a new cable. Got new cable and could get it to program to towing but not performance. So each time I get the can 161 error it will say previous update failed and it is returning it now to stock. 

    When I plug it in the first screen says #SMARTY# and some quick info so it appears to be locked to the ecm.

    I hook up and select any option for programming the ecm and I still get the can 161 error. I took truck to a shop that programs diesels and they said it looks like a communication error and suggested the Dodge dealer reflash my computer.

    Here we are several yrs later and I sent the truck to dealer and had some recalls done. Asked them to reflash the computer so I could try to get the programmer to work again.

    Get truck back and try to again install the S-JR67 and same error CAN 161. The update has failed so then it takes it back to stock. Yet when plugging it in to truck the screen briefly shows #SMARTY# and numbers so appears to be locked to the vin?

    Any help? 

    1. xcc_rider


      Sorry for the late response. I never got a notification that I had a message.


      With the tuner showing #Smarty# it indicates it is vin locked. Did you have the dealership flash over your tune or forget to return it to stock (unlock) before flashing?


      About the only thing I can find on the error code is it's a can bus time out, whatever that is.

      Another is batter voltage during tuning so try loading a tune with a battery charger hooked up and see how it goes.


      Hope this helps, dan