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  1. JJPage

    Smarty software ?'s

    I would try to reload, it will not hurt to try. I was told, or led to believe I could not go back to some older softwares also..My 03 truck would still load up my old S04 software tunes, even after I had upgraded my Smarty to an S06 POD. After loading some of the older tunes back on my truck, because I thought or believed they might have been superior, I quickly changed back to the most recent tunes, and without regret. The latest tunes are just so smooth, drivability wise and my mpg improved, never before had I ever surpassed 20 mpg, I did it, hand calculated with the latest TNT SW7 ! How do you like them apples? You may try adjusting some of your options 1 at a time before going back to an older tune, you may just find that 1 little change solves all your current issues, just remember to reload the entire sw after an option change, or the change will not take affect... Jess
  2. JJPage

    Smarty software ?'s

    Can you reload the original version you were having such good results with? The software without the POD? I am one of the rare individuals who do not have a use for POD, and in my opinion, it only causes issues with auto trans trucks. I would reload the sw you liked, and ditch the POD feature, or at the very least, leave it at 99% and forget about it. I know this is not what Brian wants to hear, but it's been my experience and I apologize in advance if stepping on anyones toes. Jess
  3. JJPage

    Timing question

  4. Go down to tools in this link, load up Smarty USB.exe Then try again. You can go to the S-67 file but the tool should be the same. http://madselectronics.com/DownloadS06PoD.html
  5. JJPage

    Timing question

    The POD % setpoint has nothing to do with horsepower persey, it really just limits/advances fuel delivered by throttle position. It also is not linear in it's adjustment, we have members who have shown on a dyno that there is no max hp difference in the SW's between 85% - 100%, it just takes more throttle to get there at 85%. Below 85% is where you can really notice a difference with POD settings, but with an auto trans, then the shifting program seems to change. With you having a standard trans, POD may be more useful, and you may be able to match performance with settings you are asking about...that is something you can play with to prove or disprove. My personal experience has been, the higher the SW(5-7-9) I can safely run, all options being set the same, the better performance I attained in both mileage and horsepower/torque. You do need supporting mods, and an alert right foot, with gauges you can trust. Cutting the POD down % wise in any SW, will reduce fuel being delivered at all throttle positions, except @ WOT, with POD between 85-100%. Hope that helps some, I believe when you start playing with it, then it will become more clear... POD sensitizes and desensitizes the go pedal.
  6. JJPage

    Timing question

    Trucker, do you have an auto or standard transmission? If you fill out your signature and profile, it will assist the rest of us members in helping to answer your questions. The question you are asking above is impossible to answer, that is the kind of exercise you will have to experiment with, all trucks will behave differently and that's the truth. If you have an auto trans, my advice is to set the POD option to 99 and forget it even exists(because it affects the way your truck will shift, and not for the good, IMO). The Smarty is a great tool, it is really interesting to change different options, one at a time so one can realize the affect, then record the info in a notepad. You can really get your truck "dialed" in for different uses, and have the info available in notes for a quick change back and forth. This takes time and effort on your part, but well worth the results you can achieve in both mileage and performance. If you have a standard trans, play with the POD all you want, I would still set to 99 and leave it somewhere in deep recesses of my mind...:smile: Jess
  7. JJPage

    Error Unknown Software

    Still need an email address...
  8. JJPage

    Error Unknown Software

    Does your Smarty have US in the serial number, if yes you cannot load ME software into it. What is your email, I'll send you a folder of what you may use. PM me your email if you do not want it here.
  9. JJPage

    Sr67 me

    There is a way out of this, almost all a PIA! The easiest avenue, but most costly at the moment is this device http://www.raceme.eu/index.php?page=categorie&cat=1 Then you can reload the correct tune, leave your truck hardware alone, and stay the heck away from the dealers.
  10. JJPage

    03 dodge 5.9

    I agree in the higher SW#'s, I believe their software parameters/characteristics are superior to the lower SW#'s, as for both mileage and hp performance. It's the POD behavior with an automatic transmission, that has me preferring the lower SW#'s at "FULL POD(99)", rather than a higher SW# at "LESS POD" :smile: . With a standard transmission, then the "FULL/LESS POD", according to folks with a standard trans, is not near an issue. I was running TNT SW7(POD99), TQ/RP both at 1 for less smoke, all else default, and could tow heavy without egt's going wild, and getting better mileage than a lower SW. Control with your right foot is key... Jess
  11. JJPage

    03 dodge 5.9

    Super B has a mechanical wastegate for your application, so leave wastegate option off. You are going to get different suggestions on which SW to access for your mods, but whichever one you chose, I would start with options at default, then change only 1 at a time so you are able to realize the change. Once you change an option, you must reload the SW again, or the option change will not take affect. In other words, say you are running SW2 all defaults, you want to change your rail pressure to 1 for whatever reason, after you change the rail pressure to 1, then you must reload SW2 or the default option will remain in affect. You need to fill out your signature so we can see your truck options/accessories. Whether or not you have a 47/48RE, if you have not done any upgrades to it, the 90hp injectors by themselves could prove too much for the trans, let alone adding more fuel with Smarty...If it were my truck, I would not load above SW1 at this time, then I would keep my right foot constrained or be ready to upgrade out of necessity rather than prevention :happy: .
  12. JJPage

    Hello all

    You have not mentioned whether or not you have gauges to watch your egt's ? If you are disciplined with your right foot, and can keep egt's below an unsafe level you may be able to tow on SW7/9...Are you still running the OEM turbo? That will be your limiting factor as it can only cool so much fuel, and if your eyes wander away from your gauges for a moment to long, well you see where that could lead. On setting SW3, you can relax and not worry about egt's so much, so there's a trade off.
  13. Unless you plan to do upgrades to your trans, valve body, tc, you are on borrowed time running the performance software, even the towing software has enough extra fuel to destroy your stock transmission. Setting the POD down to a lower level on the perf tune would help safeguard the trans, but be aware that will affect your shift points with the automatic trans. You may get away with your current setup for awhile, but the Smarty adds enough fuel down low that you will slip your tc before you can react. If you insist on running the perf or tow software, turn TQ to it's lowest setting so minimum fueling is happening at low rpm, or the clutches in the trans will not be spinning fast enough and line pressure will not be great enough to hold... Congrats on the Smarty choice, just please use some caution. Jess
  14. JJPage


    Sorry, gave you the wrong user guide...somehow thought you had the JR, you clearly stated that you purchased the S06, my mistake. Jess
  15. JJPage


    Paul, you need to read the user's guide...The short answer is yes, SW3 has advanced timing, in fact, in the options you have 4 choices for timing in each of the 3 SW choices. Here is a copy of the guide, take a moment and familiarize yourself with it, you will be glad you did. I would also record or write down any changes made to your programming for future reference. The Guide http://madselectronics.com/downloadfiles/SmartyJRPUserGuide.pdf Jess