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  1. My name is Tony and I wanted to share the experience Ive been having with the BBI Stage 1 Injectors for my 05 Dodge Ram Diesel. I bought the truck with 114k on it and after chasing an oil consumption issue, did a compression test and found 3 cylinders down. While the motor was apart i found that it was a reman motor already from 2009 and the injectors were a mix of remans and a single that i had no clue. Since i was building the motor with Mahle pistons, Balancing the rods, New bearings, cnc porting the head, bigger springs, new valves and guides, it made sense to replace the mystery injectors while i was in there. First impressions are everything, I was surprised that people complained about how expensive these injectors were... The way i looked at it they were $3600 for a set of injectors, BUT they don't require cores from you. I sold mine for $850.00 in 3 days which knocked the price down to $2750 ish. If i were to buy just stock bosch injectors at 350 a piece that would put me around $2100 and i would still need to dump them in another 80-100k... not cool. Mass Diesel has mentioned that these last much longer and has multiple people with over 300k on them. he called them "magic injectors" Anything with the word magic coming from someone that sees these diesels broken every day is enough for me. So off i went and bought them. Second impression, its nice that Ive been bothering both Brian and Dylan through-out the whole tuning experience with the SSR and UDC add on Dongle. So when I ordered the injectors Brian followed up as they were traveling to the house. The presentation of the injectors are above par for me. Ive bought many sets of injectors for subaru, evos, and other gassers that never came looking so professional as these. The flow charts were great and it amazed me that the flow charts showed how well they ran at low ms. So packaging and presentation A+. Third Impression, After the build was done i needed to prime the oil pump, which it did quickly. At the same time it got the low pressure pump primed on fuel side. I plugged in the ECU harness and it rolled one cylinder over and started... Then idled perfect. No adjustments from what smarty had said to run with the SSR to achieve "stock" feel before the motor work. The Balancing and such helped im sure but the motor you could have put a tool on the open head and it wouldnt have fallen off. Tuning Impression, I took it down the road, smooth as glass, i drove it 350 miles on that tune and then realized that i had a little bit of black smoke on accel and just a tiny haze on cold start. Soo off to the UDC map i went, reflashed it 4-5 times and now there is no smoke, im getting over 23mpg and im no where near the limits of timing on the motor at all. It amazed me how evenly these injectors must be running to perform liek they did. Last thoughts, Once i get a new clutch in the fall I will be turning it up but only to 450whp. so far that seems like absolutely no problem. I would recommend the extra money to buy these injectors to anyone. Thanks for all the follow up Brian and Dylan!