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    UDC Dongle designation

    Hello all! :surrender: I have a customer with a jr, that is just starting out with his build, and would like udc tuning. The question; if i issue a dongle to his vin, and the customer decides to upgrade to an s06 or sr controller in the future; can i then return his vehicle/JR to stock, associate the new controller to the SAME vehicle, and write the new tuning utilizing the SAME dongle but upload it to a DIFFERENT controller? Im unsure and wanted to be certain... and if that theory is correct, wouldnt the previous udc tuning still be stored in the jr controller when passed on to the next vehicle? :thankyou:
  2. keiththomasreid

    drag racing, track times and improvements

    Hello all! I do not have exact data to compare, but would like to input some information into this section of the site to hopefully show other smarty users the changes smarty tuning/udc has made for me. I have only have a few seasons of direct experience in relation to diesel performance with smarty tuning, of which only this current season have i been using UDC tuning for my build. Please keep in mind my set up has changed every year, so the exact actual performance gains are difficult to judge, but again i though it would be good to get some data into this section of the site! 2003 sclb, 4wd, larime, 305bhp, NV5600 6spd w/ pheonix stage 6 clutch kit, highram and i/c pipe, intake, bd pulse exhaust manifold, banks monster 4" turbo back duals, banks intake with highway scoup, smart ssr utilizing "tntr 7" like settings, stock suspension, 265's, best 1/4 mile time of the season was 14.7 @ 96mph, on 3rd gear launches, and lots of clutch slip under full load, made the wrong clutch choice :facepalm: never dyno'd, SOLD 2005, sclb, 4wd, w/t, 325HO, BD killer bee (63mm), ATS stage 2 automatic trans, banks technicooler package, afe intake, 4" tbe, t304 ported exhaust manifold, fass titanium 150, big line kit, sump kit, smarty ssr w/ "tntr 7" like settings, 33's, stock suspension, best of the season was 13.2 @ 102mph, 1.4sec 60' melting 4 tires (i attribute it to brand new hard compound toyo tires and a cold track) failures of the season were; Ats stage 2, failed at 6k :broke:, again after a rebuild, it failed at 10k :broke:, and a shattered stock ouput shaft :doh: same build; added 90hp bd sticks, head studs, 5" diamond eye tbe, II dual fuelers (lbz over stock) best of the season 12.5 @ 107mph, only failure was a shattered stock flexplate :ashamed: dyno results were 554hp/1078tq on a terrible inertia dyno same build; upgraded to II s380 (66/.92/74), lock up controller, new gorend trans, billet shafts, billet flexplate, rolling on 20's with 275/55/20 tires, best so far this season 11.7 @ 116mph, 1.9sec 60' on small 8 psi-10psi launches, with the smarty on llt28/hlt34 llr10/hlr10 lld25/hld45 (paul b tune with some enhancements :thumbsup:) same build; added udc with custom tuning i have been working on, dyno results 714hp/1242tq on a terrible interia dyno, i will update what my track times are as soon as we reach a friday that its not raining :innocent: , just sold 20's and moved back down to a 285/75/17 m't's on stock wheels, my truck is dual-purposed, i use it for both drag racing and truck pulling so my tire choice may not have been key for the track, but i needed one set i could use for both, i would like to see my 60' back around 1.5sec once i start bigger boost launches when the track conditions are right. ps; how do i add all my truck build info to the little bar below when i make a post or comment? thanks for listening in, keith
  3. keiththomasreid

    Smarty ssr settings for smoke?

    if low end smoke is all your looking for just use the "tntr7" like settings