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    Assistance for a Newbie

    Thanks Brian, Towed my fifth wheel (total wt. approx 12,500 lbs. dry), the settings seem to operate admirably, however seem to be getting a convertor shutter when pulling to pass. Is it possible to much timing, or could it be a conflict with the onboard tow/haul with the tow setting program?
  2. Terry

    Assistance for a Newbie

    Thank you Brian, I'm about to embark on the first RVing trip of the year and hoping I have the settings adjusted correctly, I appreciate your information. As a junior member this forum is fantastic. To my memory I believe I'm running the last pre-emission version of the ME update. Is there an advantage to my scenario to download the latest emission version download.
  3. Terry

    Assistance for a Newbie

    I know this seems like a redundant question, But the J-67 ME tuner I have, displays Injection Timing #0 (default), #1 (OEM stk tmg), #2 (default low smoke), #3 (more than #2), #4 (more than #3). After reading numerous threads none of them truly touch on which setting would be best for L/100 and performance on this particular model. A little confusing when 2 settings are labeled default. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated, presently set on #2 DEFAULT (low smoke) timing combined with SW #2 towing. Looking for the optimal setting for a 2011 6.7L 3500 Laramie, DPF deleted, EGR deleted, turbo back exhaust, conical AFE air box.
  4. Inquiry minds need to know. Is the new software download for the J-67 superior to the ME version. Here in Canada emission control isn't monitored for compliance. In what manner would it be an advantage or disadvantage?