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    Software rollback possible?

    Perfect! that's exactly what I needed! :woot:
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    Software rollback possible?

    Howdy all, Just got a smarty J-67P for my 2012 CTD. I am loving this thing, however, I have not deleted yet, but I need to have the unit VIN locked so I can adjust my Tire size up to 35" while I collect the money and parts for a full delete. My concern is this, I have a ME tune loaded, but need to change this ASAP cause I still have the Tier 3 emissions crap on it. If I load the most current US legal software on the Smarty Jr, will I be able to 'roll back' or install a ME tune no problem? I could not find a definitive answer anywhere, and do not want to end up with an expensive 'brick'. Thanks Yall!