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    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Well on my 100 mile drive to work this morning everything is good at highway speeds egts in between 600 and 800, rail pressure is around 19000. But when I went to pass a semi and gave it throttle the egts spiked scary high, like hit 1500 in no time, I have a winter front on still so I'm going to take that off for the drive home. Rail pressure didn't get above 22k. Also at idle the egt is at 32 degrees so I'm thinking bad sensor maybe? I'm thinking maybe turning the timing down a little and the torque down. It has a little rattle at an idle but I also have the torque on 3. Any other reasons why my egts are so high? I don't wanna fry anything.
  2. soland89

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Ok thanks a ton brian. I will keep you guys posted on what I come up with
  3. soland89

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    I loaded the tnt tune you had posted but I'm thinking Pauls tune would be a better starting point. What do you think?
  4. soland89

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Also I forgot to add I have a quadzilla display in the pickup.
  5. soland89

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Well I tend to have a heavy right foot. Mostly drive to and from work but hammer down when passing. I almost always have 100 gallons of fuel in the box. And altitude is something like 1800 ft above sea level. I don't tow a whole lot anymore but when I do its mainly a single car trailer with whether it be a car or another pickup on the trailer.
  6. soland89

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Hey everyone. I have an 06 cummins It mostly stock only thing done is an ats arc flow intake, Trans is rebuilt with all ats parts, cold air intake and 5 inch turbo back straight pipe. I was wondering how high I dare set things and still be safe. I don't want to blow my pickup up.
  7. soland89

    Hello all

    Hey everyone. Just found this forum and knew I was in the right place. I've had 3 cummins, a 98 12v, 99 24v, and now a 2006 big horn addition with the smarty ssr. Hope to get lots of advice from you fellas.