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    Smarty junior says vin locked

    I'll bet that I set it to 0, but wouldn't that have messed with the other tuner and caused the truck to not run right when I put all the emissions back on? Traded the truck off in December Matt
  2. I have a smarty junior 67me, I had it installed on my 2011 dodge, I reloaded the stock software ( which should have unlocked the tuner), because I changed to an h&s. I traded the truck off on a new one, when I did so I reloaded the stock software from the h&s and the truck ran fine no lights, I just tried to download the smarty to a friends pickup thinking it should be (unlocked) but it says vin locked. I am hoping there is a way to unlock this tuner I am willing to pay to do so, I have receipts for the tuner to prove it's not stolen. The tuner is useless to me and was hoping to help my buddy out with his stock truck for cheap. Not sure how it could be vin locked still. Please help me out if possible Matt