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    Towing help?

    ok, good to know. I'm always sure to let it warm up completely. before any heavy driving. Thanks again for all the help. I appreciate it. again, I wish I would have upgraded to the smarty jr a while ago. it's a great product and I can't even tell you how much more "driveable" by truck is now. -Edwin
  2. edabd

    Towing help?

    Hi Brian, or anyone else that can chime in, Do i need to worry about poping a headgasket running sw3, or even sw2? I'm always carful not to drive hard until the engine is at operating temp. with that being said, I also run a 180* thermostat. I put in the 180* last summer after i was seeing consistant 210-215* temps towing up long grades(I80 from Roseville to Tahoe) in 105* weather, so I decided to put in a cooler thermostat, which did help drop the temps. Should I go back to a 190*?
  3. edabd

    Towing help?

    My truck feels insane! I'm going to turn it down with the POD after work til I get it to what feels manageable to me. What would you say is a good POD level to start at? 80, 85, 90? or go lower than 80?
  4. edabd

    Towing help?

    I just updated to SW3, and default for TQ and TM. :surprised:
  5. edabd

    Towing help?

    Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it. I'll check the clamps on the injector lines today when I get home from work. So when I load SW3, do I still run default for TM and TQ? and just to clarify, default actually is list as "default" in the parameters, right? Thanks again -Edwin
  6. edabd

    Towing help?

    I installed the smarty yesterday as soon as I got home. WOW is all I have to say. I had no idea how big of a difference it was going to make. I installed SW2 with default for TM and TQ. I got on it once just to see what I did and came to the understanding of how and why this will take it's toll on the trans if not driven right. Question, I think I drive pretty conservativley, never power off the line and always throttle up gradually. Would I be better off leaving it on SW2, or could I possible go SW3 and possible use POD to tune it down a bit? I would like to see the optimum performance and mileage if possible, but would like to do it safely and not have to worry about high egt's when towing. I see a lot of steep, long grades when I'm towing, but I'm always keeping an eye on EGT's and rarely will go over 60mph when towing. and my last question, I did notice yesterday, the one time I did go WOT, in the higher RPM's, the engine was making this weird ticking sound I've never heard before. Almost sounded like a tick of an electric arc when you pull a plug wire off a spark plug and an engine is running. didn't sound mechanical or metal on metal sound, just a weird tick, and it went away as soon as I let off. anything to be worried about? I have a fair amount driving coming up next week, around 1000 miles worth, so I'll be posting up my findings. Thanks again. I'm very happy with the Smarty Jr, and wish I would have upgraded a while ago. -Edwin
  7. edabd

    Towing help?

    Thanks for the response Brian, I appreciate it. Fed-Ex show's my Jr as out for delivery today, so I should have it by the time I get home. Looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted. -Edwin
  8. edabd

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to the diesel world. Always had a gas truck, and finally decided to make the switch to a diesel and love it. I have a 2005 Ram 2500, 5.9, 48re with upgraded valve body, Edge CTS Monitor, 160k mikes, and other than that, the truck is 100% stock(stock wheels, tire size, exhaust, intake, etc). I recelty ordered a Smarty Jr after a couple of months of reading about Smarty and talking with Brian. My Smarty Jr is supposed to be at door today :happy:. I'll get to playing with it as soon as I get home. I'll start a new thread on results. I daily drive my truck to and from work everyday, about 30 miles round trip, and also tow my rock crawler and trailer, about 6-7k lbs on a monthly basis. Hoping to get a little more pep out of truck and also increase my mpg's if possible. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the great product. -Edwin