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    Settings for towing and mpg

    Thanks Brian I will leave it on sw 2 and change timing to 4 and tq to 1.
  2. Razor09

    Settings for towing and mpg

    Looking for some help on settings. I currently just leave it on the tow setting, and watch gauges, timing and torque management I just leave at default. POD is set at 99. I only tow on weekends but it is roughly 14,000 lbs. Truck: 2008 Dodge 3500 DRW 4x4, auto 68RFE trans Mods: Smarty JR ver 6.06B 25ME, Flow-Pro 5in turbo back exhaust, egr delete, edge CTS display Been contemplating going to switch 3 and changing timing to 4. Would this be ok pulling that much load as long as I watch the gauges. Also what would be a good starting point for the POD if I do change it. As far as the torque management should I change it from default. I would like to get the tranny to last as long as I can. Truck currently has 100,000 on it. I do let the truck warm up good before I get on it. Thanks Ty