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  1. DF5152

    Sprint booster

    I have always complained about throttle response in my truck. So the sprint booster is supposed to be a piece of hardware that tricks the aps to giving higher voltage. When I have the smarty installed should it be doing what this piece of hardware is doing or can I benefit from the stacking them when using the smarty.
  2. DF5152

    program for SJ67

    Mine is a 2010 and not sure what version I last had can you direct me in the right direction as well please.
  3. DF5152

    upgrading maybe

    Ok i have a smarty junior with he P in the serial number. I want something that will tune my 68rfe. So If i buy a touch does that mean all the equipment has to go back or can I use ME tunes in the touch? Can I stack the jr and the touch? Dan
  4. DF5152

    Tranny Tunes

    I was wondering if there was any chance of getting some tranny tunes to go along with the engine performance tunes? if not is anyone aware of any programs that can be piggy backed with smarty or anyone who is doing TCM reflashes. I have not had any luck with those i found doing google searches, I never get any response from the companies. Dan
  5. Good morning I have been using my Smarty J for about 2 months now these are some questions and observations I have made. First I love the power make the truck run the way it should from the factory, as far as power goes. Oh and I am not deleted. My first and only major concern is the tranny, this truck is a 2010 so there is no torque managment as of yet. Since loading the SW3 and i have only had SW3 tune in I have enjoyed the power and A slight increase in fuel milage, Im a little dissapointed with that, which is what I was mainly after. I have noticed that the tranny has become very soft, It shifted horribly before and now it seems to be even worse. These are my thoughts, I do not hot rod around I need my truck to be in good working order so I am very light on the throttle, hoping to get better fuel milage, so in being light on the throttle the TPS/APPS never gives full voltage and there for never sends a signal to the tranny telling it to shift faster and harder. With our learning trannies after a period of time driving this way the trans now shifts softer and line pressure is less. now the next time I put the pedal to the floor out of necessity my tranny is not ready to be driven that way and that is when the tranny issues begin. Now I understand that my scientific terminology is not all correct but what about the premiss. I am currently looking for some sort of tranny tune to go with my smarty and I have backed off to SW1 which requires more throttle input to make the truck move. So what are your thoughts and does anyone know of tranny tune I can stack with the smarty or where I can send my TCM to get it programed. Dan
  6. DF5152

    Towing with the Jr

    Is it ok to tow with Jr on sw3? Dan
  7. DF5152

    Older Tunes

    Is there a site where I can download older non US emission compliant tunes? Dan
  8. DF5152

    UDC and Jr

    Does or will the UDC work with the JR on the 2010 trucks when it is available? Dan
  9. DF5152

    new shakey

    will UDC work with the jr.? when it becomes available
  10. DF5152

    Older Tunes

    I was wondering if any of the older tunes are archived on this or the smarty site. I am currently running non US emission compliant tunes in my ME tuner. I find that the exhaust brake is not as responsive compared to stock on the most recent tune. It was suggested I try another tune but I dont have any others. I am currently running the most recent tune on my 2010 truck I have it set on SW3 Performance. Will the tow setting give a more responsive exhaust brake function? Dan
  11. DF5152

    Tube questions?

    Ok so I down loaded the most recent NON us emission compliant tune. I went right to level 3 to test it out. I like the power but I noticed that the exhaust brake is not very efficient now will this change if I use the towing level? or do i go back to stock to get the exhaust brake to work better?
  12. DF5152

    19.5 inch conversion

    I like the new look. Do you notice any change in acceleration or braking with the additional unsprung weight?
  13. DF5152

    Tube questions?

    My truck is a 2010...
  14. DF5152

    Tube questions?

    Thank you. Dan
  15. is there an equivilent JR tune?