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  1. If you are referring to the truck being set up for Canada, no it's still has the government restrictions on it. Updated with the latest us tune. That's all I changed. Haven't checked the pipe yet but was curious if anyone else experienced this with the update.... If not it might be something else...
  2. Brian i know this is an old thread but i just updated the software this weekend and after driving the truck not even a hundred miles this code is showing up. Any idea why or has anyone else had this code pop up with the update? :think:
  3. gravzy

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    Thank you xcc_rider. That does explain alot. Eventualy when the emissions requlation figures out that this is bad for the motor and decideds to let us truly delete this stuff like say in the next 60000 miles or so, will i be able to reprogram my s67 me tunner with the correct tunes to remove the cel? Yes i am sorry about the posting in the wrong spot... Call me newbie its ok.... yes i have a s-67 ME tuner. I made sure that was the correct tune from Brian before i uploaded it. Are you farmilier with the Sr S-67 and what tunes or sw level would work best for my 2010 stock cummins?
  4. gravzy

    New to Smarty Tuning

    Thanks again. It is loading the correct updated software. Now with that said, do i need to do anything with the egr with this programing or leave it alone and rep the benefits of better running truck with better fuel milage? You cant belive everything you read on the internet... What sw do you recomend on a bone stock 2010 6.7 for everyday driving and which one for towing a 10000# travel trailer. Again i am new to Smarty but your help is really making me feel good about my purchase....
  5. gravzy

    New to Smarty Tuning

    Wow that was fast... Thank you Brian. The only other issue i am having is i cant get the tuner to connect to my computer. I have tried everything they asked but for some reason it isnt trying to upload the drivers. So it is true that if you run the programs with the delets that by not removing the DPF you will plug it? That is good info for the cummins forum...
  6. gravzy

    New to Smarty Tuning

    I have purchased a used tuner from a guy that said he had the delete programs on the tuner. How do i know if that is true. I really dont want to delete my DPF due to warrinty but im deffenetly looking for a program that will help with milage and towing. Can you tell me what he has added to the programer just by what was in the numbers at the start up? I have those V:6.5G RM01L on a S-67B. I would run the tuner now but dont want to plug up the DPF if thats what will happen with the tunes he has loaded..