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  1. SSR Dyno Tune

    Whats a good tune to throw in my truck for 3 dyno pulls next weekend? Stock CP3 Ceramic Valair DD, DAP 63/68/14, BD Pulse Manifold, 50hp full bodies, K&N Cold Air intake, 4 Inch MBRP, FASS 150 Titanium, Smarty SSR and Autometer Gauges. 2003 6 speed
  2. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    Ok I didn't really think so but people say how bad the effects of timing rattle can be so I wanted to make sure. Its just like a kind of pop in the exhaust note at the top of each gear when I really get on it.
  3. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    And is the kind of loud pop/ticking in the exhaust timing rattle?
  4. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    Running RP at 7 and 8 now and Duration at 16 and 18 it seems more sluggish and still smokey at these settings though
  5. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    Hey Brian I tried your tune and it was very very smokey especially down low but up high as well. Also I could hear kind of a ticking sound in the exhaust which is what I would imagine to be timing rattle. I turned up each rail pressure setting by 2 and it seemed to help a little bit.
  6. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    I'll give that a shot and let you know how it goes thanks! Still waiting on the mailman for my SSR but when I try it I'll let you guys know
  7. SSR Settings to clear up smoke.

    What are some good settings to clear up the smoke of 50hp injectors on a stock turbo until I get my compounds and UDC tuning done. I know of Paul B's tune and figured I'd work off of that but what would be better for getting rid of smoke lowering the low load timing or the duration? Thanks Paul