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  1. rpm's

    So I potentially have bad injectors? If the rpms hang there if I get on it or accelerate quicj
  2. rpm's

    Does the software hold the rpms between shifts? All gears or certain rpm? Thank you
  3. top notch Service

    Thank you brian and dylan for the top notch service, fast response, very helpful and highly recommended by me
  4. help

    I just successfully downloaded software at least it said it did, and I go to put in smarty and tell it #1 after it opens it says " interference code 2" no clue. That is what it originally said when trying to get it be recognised by laptop but the download from laptop was flawless please help
  5. download help

    Will tnt-r work for me
  6. download help

    Yes I watched the video it was helpful, it downloaded software perfect. I have a S-06 pod and tried to load the tnt-r, it didn't recognize the smarty then I tried the revo and it worked, so maybe it red the smarty finally???? Thank you
  7. download help

    I successfully downloaded the software but it had an issue seeing the smarty said 1 not udc updated 2 the program systemdoesn't end in U im confused
  8. am i missing anything

    i have had my smarty for a while and love it just curious what the latest and greatest update is??? thanks
  9. Hello

    I just found this forum very excited to learn to use my smarty to its full potential after having it for 4 years and being foggy on it, very interested in learning about UDC