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  1. Thanks for the help Brian, when i plugged the Smarty in here is what it read V:4.11E V:RS01D This is the software I already wanted, but I went ahead and did the update anyways just for kicks. I didn't think it had the TnT installed because the plastic wrapping was still covering the computer port on the Smarty so I can tell he never did an update to it or even plugged it in. I am going to try SW #5 as you suggested and put the PoD around 50 and see how that goes.
  2. New Smarty owner and new to this forum. I just purchased my truck from a guy and it came with S-06 PoD. He says that the TnT software is installed on it but he was not sure...how can I find this out? I don't want TnT, I just want to use the regular Catcher software (the one that has SW#1 at 30 hp, etc.) I have read up on this tuner as much as I have time to do but still not exactly sure what means what, my head is spinning. I am not really big into performance modifications, but I would like to use this Smarty to get the best mpg as possible and leave it in that setting for good. I do not tow anything. What levels of SW, torque, timing, rail pressure, waste gate do you recommend for this? 2003 5.9L 100 hp injectors ATS stage 2 tranny Fass Fuel 150 s&b intake stock turbo Thanks!