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  1. Thanks for the response JJPage and Brian . It is a brand new smarty s03, never hooked up to any truck. You two have given me the confidence to try out now. I'm on my way out now. Thanks again David
  2. Hello All, I bought a 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 that has a BHAF and 4" exhaust a few months back. The problem is that I read the Instruction Manual first :lol:(really I did) and they talk a lot about voiding the warranty. So i went in town to NAPA and had them check for any problems first, they got a P0602 control module programing error. The only tuner I have is this new Smarty S03 still wrapped in plastic. What I get from everything I read is if I use this Smarty it will vin # Lock and i won't be able to return to stock cause of the error. Can any one Help? Do I return Smarty, Pay dealer to reprogram my ECM? How Can I get a stock setting? Thanks David