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    ALso need help on a new truck we are building

    Yes I have the TNT-r. Is the UDC usable with the s-06 POD? if so then yes i would be interested in that to make sure the settings are correct and tuned for this truck. how would you like for me to get you the truck details?
  2. 05 ecu s-06 tunner, 1- can i reprogram to convert it from auto to a manual? 2- need an idea of setting to start out for the year for settings, equipment: flycut and coated pistons 207/220 cam, shot peen 12v rods, 400hp bosch injectors, dual cp3,150 airdog, 110 valve springs, bullseye s-466 double batmowheel, side draft intake, and a few others i'm not recalling at the moment. g-56 trans with tripple disk sintered iron. I know there shouldnt' be any problems making over 1khp but i want to start out slow and find my weak spots in my system. BTW i run int he 2.6 class. also at what point should i back it down or not go over with the tune? :confused3: