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  1. JJPage & Brian, Thanks for the replies. I'll put it on tow and stay with that. I assume there are no problems towing the loads I'm talking about on this setting? Al
  2. I've got a 2004.5 Dodge 3500 with 4X4, automatic transmission, FASS fuel pump, after market air intake, Pyro/Trans Temp/Fuel pressure gauges, basically a stock truck. I have no intent to go any farther with mods and will keep the stock transmission (I know, keep my foot under control), stock turbo, stock injectors, etc... I currently have the SMARTY JUNIOR POD with the "performance" tune loaded (default settings) on the truck and like the feel so far. I tow an aluminum car trailer with a car on it a lot of the time and it is approx. 5,000 pounds in total. I might be getting a camper/trailer for vacation in the future that could weight as much as 11,000 pounds. My questions are: Are there any load limits as to what I can be towing with the "performance 100HP" tune loaded with this truck???? Should I just go back to the "Towing - 70HP" tune???? Would a lower setting using POD on the "performance 100HP" make a difference when towing? Thanks, Al