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  1. Trucker

    Timing question

    Right on. Now I get it. Thanks
  2. Trucker

    Timing question

    Oh, so POD just changes the point where the power comes on? So if I was to run #7 doesn't matter where I set it I'm still going to have 160hp if I mash on it. Dang. That doesn't work like I thought it did. Well, I'm happy right now with the performance of the truck, I was just wondering if I could improve mileage by moving up to #9 for timing. I'm sure it would be fun for every day driving, but if I forgot to turn it down when I tow my trailer it might create an issue I don't want. I'll prolly do injectors and a turbo in a couple years, so I'll wait and then just turn it up to 11.:winking:
  3. Trucker

    Timing question

    OK. I've got an 06 3500 manual trans truck with a heavy duty single plate clutch. I'm running #5 on 99 right now. Everything's good. Smokes a little sometimes. My fuel mileage has improved over stock. By my figuring setting it on #7 with the POD on around 62 should be about the same hp as #5 on 99. What I'm wondering is what will I see with the timing change between #5 and #7? Would my fuel mileage improve even more? Will the truck smoke more? If I drop the POD down around 80 hp will it cut the smoke?
  4. Trucker

    Timing question

    So what would be the difference in performance on #5 set on POD 80 and #7 set on POD 50?
  5. Trucker

    Timing question

    Is the default timing advance the same on all settings?
  6. Trucker

    Fast idle on a manual trans truck

    Where can I find out how to do this?
  7. Does the fast idle feature not work on a manual trans truck? I cannot figure out how to raise idle. Is there a certain way to do it? If it doesn't work will there be an update?
  8. Trucker

    Hello all

    Great. Thanks for the response. Since I don't have a Pyro I will hold off on going to 7 till I get one. Thanks for the input guys. I really like the way the truck runs. It really woke it up.
  9. Trucker

    Hello all

    Thanks for weighing in JJ I appreciate it. One question I have is if timing is supposed to drop EGTs then am I really going to have a problem? Also, do the different settings have different timing settings. And if so, would I be better off running a higher setting and using POD to back the HP down. Maybe I should post these questions in a different forum. I was hoping to get some insight from Brian. And the truck is set up like I posted. No turbo, no injectors.
  10. Trucker

    Hello all

    Just got a Smarty S06 and loaded #5. I have noticed quit a bit of improvement in how the truck runs. Fuel mileage. And corrected my speedo for my tires. About my truck. I have an 06 3500 4x4 with a manual trans. I have a heavy duty single stage clutch, a Flowmaster muffler and a deep pleat filter in the stock box running through an airraid intake tube. I use the truck for daily driving and for towing my 9000 lb travel trailer. When I go with my trailer I generally have to climb a 6% grade of 9 to 22 miles long to get out of the valley where I live, depending on which way I go. I have been told I should run the 3 setting to keep the EGTs down while towing. But looking at the guide that came with my smarty I could probably get away with running a higher setting than I am currently on. Looking for a bit of direction. What do you suggest? Thanks.