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  1. Sr67 me

    Ironically enough my US version SR67 didn't work with my truck before the ECM flash, now it does but now I get the exhaust filter full alert. The local diesel shop recommend I buy the ME version of the SR67.
  2. Sr67 me

    So I have a 2007.5 Ram 2500. I bought it used. The previous owner did the EGR and DPF delete. The truck can with a US version if the SR67 tuner and an Edge Attitude Juice tuner. After taking my truck to the dealership due to 4WD and HVAC issues. They reflashed my ECM and now I get "Diesel Exhaust Filter Full" and "Power Reduced see Dealer" alerts. So I was advised to by the SR67 ME since the delete was done. Does the MADS company perform updates to this tuner and if not then who does or am I SOL.