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    DPF Full Help

    Well when the Smarty only was loaded it ran for a few minutes correctly then it acts like it not getting fuel or loss of electric power. Then the DPF Full comes on and then it will pull the code. After talking with MADS support and making sure I had the right file loaded "OH NO US code in serial number". It did need to be updated, which I did with him on the phone. Still no results, DPF full came on. The tech at MADS support said to replace my DIF Transmission switch, so I did and that didn't do anything, when he said to make sure there was a new fuel filter and get a new fuel rail plug. Which I did all these things and still the DPF full come on. SO I was talking to wickedrigs.com and he suggested to do the EGR delete and purchase the DPF-R kit. Which suppose to reset the DPF timer. When the DPF-R is plugged in it flashes quickly then goes to a slower 1/2 second flashes. Do have any idea if that is good or bad. Really not much information came from DPF-R kit. SO I am still grasping at straws on my this happening. I have done six or seven of these 6.7 mods and never had any problems with the Smarty or the DPR full problem. I am wondering if a different programmer was used and there is some of that still there and they never removed it. ANY ANY ANY help out there would be helpful! H E L P
  2. coconut

    DPF Full Help

    H E L P ! ! ! I purchased from an auction a 2009 Dodge 3500 Dually regular cab and a 6 speed manual. Now this truck has 124k miles. When I got it the DPF Full light was on and the engine was in LIMP mode. Noticing it has had the DPF and the Cat's removed. "I Thought great I don't have to do this." NO bung's on the exhaust. EGR was still connected. Purchased a SMART JR-ME and thought it would correct it. Made sure it was the right version with MADS "SMARTY JR". Well sure sounded good and took it out for a test drive and The DPF Full came on and engine was still in limp mode. So contacted Smarty and tried different things. With no help. Purchased a EGR Delete "Sinister", thinking that would do it. BUT NO it didn't help. Then purchased a DPF-R with the connectors to the cat's and DPF wires. Thinking it would reset the timers of the DPF. BUT NO it still stays on, engine still in limp mode. Then I put in a fuel rail plug! Looked over and over for anything disconnected. Everything looks correct. Even had a Diesel Mechanic "Friend" come over and viewed the truck and plug in his computer. Nothing found. When I have smarty loaded and the DPF-R unit installed there are no codes. But truck still in DPF Full and limp mode. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? HELP! I need this truck to haul things badly. OH BTW this truck has a PTO unit. I removed all the hoses. Local dodge dealer will not look at unless I install cat's and DPF unit "I don't have them." Now I tried to get ahold of the previous owner. Not around. I wanted to know how or what he was using. "PROGRAMMERS" Like H&S or something. I N E E D H E L P !