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  1. DZEKS

    Error 42

    Brian, You mention above "the pump running a lot while downloading." I hear my pump (motor noise from near the fuel tank) all the time while programming. It will be continuous and then change to pulsing. Is this normal ? And will it damage the pump?
  2. DZEKS

    Newb - First day towing with smarty jr

    I pulled my trailer from CT back to NS in SW3 and my milage went to crap - from 15 down to 13 mpg. It was not so bad thru New England but it really dropped from Maine on. I am carefull not to push it in forth with now rpm and so I was in third most of the time with all the hills in NB and northern NS. I don't like the shifting patterns (even with tow/haul) of the 48RE because it will always up shift I to forth and the RPMs drop to 1600 and then it labors. So then I have to drop down and keep the o/d off until I reach higher RPM. Forever shifting between tow/hall and o/d off.
  3. DZEKS

    Suggestions for settings while towing?

    I find it hard to maintain 110 while towing (10k 5-th) especially up hills. On the flats I can do 110 since my RPMs rev at 2000rpm which is enough to keep from luging. As soon as it lungs and I see the EGTs go up and I manually shift out of o/d (rev 2500 rpm at 100kmh) and my EGTs drop by 100deg. I'm getting 14-16 mpg and typically drive 90-110. I am still experimenting with smarty jr between sw2 and 3.
  4. DZEKS

    Newb - First day towing with smarty jr

    I pulled my trailer today for the morning in sw3 and the afternoon in sw2. Similar terrain and speeds. (Connecticut to Maine) I got approx 2mpg less in sw2 than sw3. Heard less rattle in sw3. Kept my EGT under 1000F and both TFT and ECT around 200F. Going back to sw3 tomorrow for the drive to NS.
  5. Hi everyone you are all a great resource - thanks so much for making time to help us who are new to the forum I just did a few upgrades all at once including performsce exhaust, smarty jr and edge insight cs with egt probe. I am presently towing a 10k trailer around the east coast. I have the smarty jr set to sw1 - default everything. I find my milage is the same towing today as without smarty jr. (~15 mpg) I also hear a ticking now that is consistent with rpm. (Timing issue?) I am not hard on the pedal and keep O/D off on the hills. Any suggestions on perhaps changing timing or trying higher settings for the smarty jr. Thanks