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    More questions on towing settings

    Sounds great. Thanks again Brian! I'll let you know how it works out.
  2. Curtis

    More questions on towing settings

    Thanks for the help Brian. Just to be clear, there is no issue running that much timing when towing? Also vgt on 3 is okay as well or just leave it on 2? Sorry for all the confusion on my part. I've actually had the smarty for a few years now but I wasn't towing. I just loaded sw5 and left it. I stayed out of the throttle and got great mpg. Love the product! Just looking to get my best setup towing without damage to my truck.
  3. I've tried reading through the forum on what settings are recommended when programming with a S67 and while there was a ton of great info, it's seems that there are too many variables for a one size fits all. So based on my signature, would it be okay for me to run sw5 tq1 rp1 vgt3 tm2 Pod ~75 while towing my 5th wheel? It weighs are 10000 loaded. Or would I be better off running sw3 tq2 rp2 tm2 vgt3? If I understand correctly more timing would give me better mpg but advancing the timing too much is not recommended when towing? I'm still trying to figure out how to set the tm vgt rp for towing. Tq I figure with a stock granny should be at 2 with sw1 or sw3 and 1 with sw5.