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  1. Smoke issue

    Thanks for the response AH64ID (John) First to give answers to a few of your comments: You are correct I have not towed my 5th wheel during any of the test so far in this thread I may go camping in the next 3 weeks though and will report back after testing with the trailer in tow. I believe you are correct about how the soot builds up in the exhaust system and then blows out during a hard acceleration. Last month I went on a 1500 mile round trip to Northern California. While there I went to launch a Jetski on a trailer behind the Dodge. The launching ramp at the lake had a very gradual slope so I had to back down so the rear tires and exhaust were below the water level. The amount of black soot that came out of the pipe while under water was pretty bad. When I pulled forward It made a thick huge black sheen on top of the water. I actually felt bad that I was polluting the lake like that. My transmission is still stock although I have upgraded the flex plate due to the fact one day while towing my 5th wheel it sheered in half. I had local Dodge dealer install a after market flex plate that is rated for more HP then I will ever make. So now my concern is what is the next weakest link??? I guess I should seriously think about building a stronger transmission do you have any advice on that subject as to what I should be beefing up so to speak. I have a 48RFE. My air filter is stock I have looked in to after market units and also looked in to the high flow elbows for the intake manifolds I like the one from Banks and will add one sooner or later but it seems I should put the money in the transmission since it is a weak link. Once a year I drain my transmission pan (which is also a larger aftermarket adds another 1.5 gal) and I send a oil sample to a lab so far I have not had a high alert come back from the sample data. BBI injectors well I will take your advice and hold off I ask though what is it that makes them so good? do they atomize the fuel better or what? QUOTE "In just reading it sounds like you might be down to a brief puff of power change smoke, and residual soot blowing out of the exhaust. What we really don't like to see is a constant haze at a steady throttle setting." This is correct but the puff is massive sometimes cars behind me are pissed off!:drool: When towing on flats "no Grade" I do use cruise control works fine my mileage over the last 2 years or so with CaTcher 2 all default was around 11 to 12.5 mpg towing the 12k 5th wheel from San Diego to Glamis California I make that trip over the grade at least each month during the Fall and Winter. My egt sensor is not in a port I wrapped it with stainless safety wire and heat shield to the header since my header does not have a port to mount it in. I plan on welding in a bung so it will be more accurate, as it is now I never see it get over 900 when towing up the grades if starts climbing I would back off to 45 MPH but can tow at 60 or 55 no issues with CaTcher 2 all default settings. I don't have a boost gauge nor will my OBD2 reader pull that live data fro the computer I want to add one of those also. Thanks for your help and advice would you be willing to write a UDC tune someday for me if I get to the point I would need it.
  2. Smoke issue

    Latest test #5 below was done with a new tank of diesel and the truck loaded with furniture on 300 mile round trip. Every now and then I would slow to 55 and accelerate to 65-70. to see how much smoke would be produced under acceleration. Test #5: CaTCHER 3 With POD set to 99 Options: TQ set to default Timing set to default; Findings: Excellent power, but still a very decent dense cloud of smoke when decent pedal applied although it does clear up quickly. When I look back cars behind me are driving thru a cloud. I would say that's my only complaint and the same goes for CaTCHER 2 testing I did prior. Also I don't want to hammer my transmission especially when towing my 12k 5th wheel. I just keep wondering if there is some way to not have all that smoke when I hit the pedal to pass a vehicle or hit a hill and have to stomp on the pedal. For what its worth I also got the best mileage I have ever-gotten 21.1 MPG at a average speed of 65 MPH while in CaTCHER 3 default settings. So here what I am thinking: I read a lot of good testimonials on the BBI injectors would those be something I should consider? I could justify the cost if they help but don't want to spend money for testing purposes. The truck now has 81k miles on it but I cant sense anything wrong with the stock injectors to be honest although the BBI injectors may be better to have never the less. Brian also suggested that the Smarty UDC may offer a greater amount of programming ability to over come the goals I have which again is to have decent power to tow, best fuel economy possible and low smoke when every possible is a high priority. I am going to contact member AH64ID and see what he thinks it seems after reading his thread he has a lot in common with my goals.
  3. Smoke issue

    I will check the filter and take a look for boost leaks. when I stomp the pedal so to speak the cloud of black smoke is quite large but then it does go away. I will try to get a couple short videos this weekend at the setting for test #5 and then try that setting you you used on the 06 (SW 3) will post them. I am going up to Los Angles to take a couple couches to my daughter and will have my wife take a couple short videos. I am also going to run the last half of this tank down to E so the the next load of diesel will be almost all new and fresh just in case this last load has added to the smoke issue. Would MPG be best in SW2 or SW3 when towing the 12,000 lb 30 foot 5th wheeler. I ask because I have never tried SW3 About a month ago I went on a 1500 mile trip to Northern California and back was towing a small trailer for someone maybe 1500 lbs and got 19.6 MPG. That was in SW2 and with the trans in TOW HAUL MODE. Thats better then my daily driver v6 03 Toyota Tacoma gets although it does have some larger diameter tires on it. Thanks again I just want to know I have tried all I can before I settle on a final setting
  4. Smoke issue

    Would a after market air filter or any thing that helped increase air flow help I have kept the truck stock since I live in a county that has smog regulations and every two years there is a test needed if after market parts are used they must be on approved list. I know this model has a rather large exhaust system from the factory already.
  5. Smoke issue

    see latest test #5 below Test results I set the following levels and then made a few runs on the freeway and up the steepest grade I could find close to home. I would slow to 55 then hit the pedal to get up to 65-70 mph I was able to do this 3 times with each setting before I reached the top of the grade. #1 Stock: no real smoke but lack of decent power #2 CaTCHER 1: more power a little more smoke didn't seem to bad when decent pedal applied #3 CaTCHER 2 With POD set to 99 :good power lots of smoke when decent pedal applied #4 CaTCHER 2 With POD set to 70 :seemed like less getty up and go still lots of smoke when decent pedal applied #5 CaTCHER 2 With POD set to 99 Options: TQ set to 1 Timing set to 2: good power still a decent cloud of smoke when decent pedal applied I would say hard to tell a difference between test #3 settings and this one. I am also going to try a to find a turn down tip to help divert exhaust and smoke as you suggested but still want any advice you can give. I really like the power i have when towing in level 2 but not the smoke, maybe they just go hand in hand. I have the Smarty jr. I know there are limits in comparison to the more advanced smarty programmers but only really need the power for towing. Brian What should I try next?
  6. Smoke issue

    Thanks for the quick reply I hope I can get some more testing done in the next day or two I am going to do what you say then test setting as I have on same freeway grade. If I just did a firmware update just yesterday this is the file name I believe: SJRV514B_URS01C.smt Would that be the same version you refer to above. I followed the video Dillon made to do the update. One more question what does this mean? (Default timing is the "greatest" on the newer software) I would say greatest means the best ever tried?? or does it actually mean a higher value like 5 verses 4??
  7. Smoke issue

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]134[/ATTACH]Hello I live in San Diego and am trying to set up my Smarty on my Dodge Ram 2005 4x4 3500 it has 81k miles on it. The truck has a utility bed on it and and a Fass Titanium fuel pump/filter system otherwise stock. I use it to tow my 30 foot 5th wheel trailer for the most part. So here is the scenario last week end for the first time ever since I have owned the truck which I bought w 30k miles back in 2008. I took a trip up to Big Bear CA. which has a elevation of around (6500 feet). When I was climbing the grade and even just driving around I saw the truck was smoking a lot. Now I have driven it over the mountains (3000 feet) heading out to the desert East of San Diego dozens of time and seen that some smoke was visible but no where near the amount I saw at the higher elevation. The Smoke was heavy and just turned the trailer black on the side the exhaust comes out. I had the Smarty jr set to tow mode 2 for several years but am getting tired of scrubbing the diesel smoke off the side of my trailer. My goal is to have decent power to tow and best fuel economy. My trailer weighs 12,000 lbs. I also have updated my firmware to the latest as of today. Here is what i have tested today. I set the following levels and then made a few runs on the freeway and up the steepest grade I could find close to home. I would slow to 55 then hit the pedal to get up to 65-70 mph ALL TEST BELOW WERE WITH THE TRANSMISSION IN TOW HAUL MODE! I have a 48re automatic it has a button to chose Tow haul mode, OD off mode or Normal mode. No trailer was being towed during below testing Stock: no real smoke but lack of decent power CaTCHER 1: more power a little more smoke didn't seem to bad when decent pedal applied CaTCHER 2 With POD set to 99 :good power lots of smoke when decent pedal applied CaTCHER 2 With POD set to 70 :seemed like less getty up and go still lots of smoke when decent pedal applied I ran out of daylight but reloaded CaTCHER 2 With option for timing set to #2 need to test. So with all that said I have a few questions and look to here some advice ???What doe CaTCHER mean? ???Are there detailed definitions of the CaTCHER modes that explain what they actually do such as raise rail pressure, make shifting point different, etc. more detail the better? ??? The manual says what different optional parameters there are and gives some detail on the chooses. Does the CaTCHER mode for tow haul use for instance say torque setting x and injection setting x for the default settings? if I knew I could try some of the options with a better understanding.