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    Smarty software ?'s

    I might give that a try JJ. I know I lost some performance, went from 22 mpg down to 18, and even my trans temp runs 20 deg hotter now for some reason.
  2. Todd1113

    Smarty software ?'s

    I was told once I upgraded to the pod software you couldn't go back to the older. I wish I had not done it now because like you said I leave it on 99 all the time. This new one I just loaded runs about 100 deg cooler at wot but still less boost, and alot less mpg.
  3. Todd1113

    Smarty software ?'s

    No it kept stopping while erasing and giving an error. After about 10 tries it finally loaded and I got it on the truck now so I will be testing and will get back. Thanks
  4. Todd1113

    Smarty software ?'s

    Ok it let me send that file but keep getting error erasing memeory. Then when I try again it says can not connect to smarty or software not compatible.
  5. Todd1113

    Smarty software ?'s

    Yeah thats the version of tnt/r I am running now thats giving me all the problems. So I tried to load the non tnt/r to the smarty and got the version not compatible error.
  6. Ok been running smarty on my truck since it came out for the 06 models. Went from 4.0 to 4.11 to tnt/r and always had great results. Well I was running the last tnt/r software r56? maybe it and it ran great. Even towing I couldn't get over 1350 deg, got 20-25 mpg, and 45 lbs of boost. When I found out I could download the update to change my S06 to POD I was on it and did the upgrade right then and loaded the tnt/r that was available also. Now I'm having not so good results with this tune as in maybe 18 mpg, down to 37 lbs of boost, and with nothing behind me egt's will hit 1550. Truck just doesn't have the balls it used too. So I was told they changed timing or something to get less smoke and this was the cause but my smoke output really didn't change just maybe a slight bit. Thinking the standard POD software might be better I tried to load it back to the smarty but it keeps telling me this version is not compatible everytime I try. So, anyone have suggestions as to why I'm having these issues and what I might be able to do with the software to help? Thanks