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  1. Update Help

    Dylan is great. Took him a few minutes and it was fixed. Thanks for the help.
  2. Update Help

    I PM'ed my phone number to you.
  3. Update Help

    It won't upload the software because I get this error message "Error erasing memory on Smarty" and it stops the upload.
  4. Update Help

    Oops, I looked at files for S06 POD instead of Jr. I started download for the Jr BUT NOW I have a big problem. My Unit states memory erased but I get an error message "Error erasing memory on Smarty" and the update will not load. I am leaving for a month long trip tomorrow and would appreciate some quick help to understand what I need to do to correct.
  5. Update Help

    Brian, I did the download but have two file options and not sure which to use for the update. One is URS01D REVO Software the other is UTS01C TNT R Software. Which one do I select or do I upload both?
  6. Smarty Jr. Performce Levels and Gas Mileage

    Thanks for your help and patience. Is there a site I could go to that explains how timing, hp, torque, etc interact and be helpful in attaining better gas mileage without negatively affecting the engine, transmission, etc. like I said earlier I am not a "gear head" but If I understand how things work It would help me understand what I could do.
  7. Smarty Jr. Performce Levels and Gas Mileage

    I am not clear on how to plug the unit in for just POD. Do I start by turning ignition to on then plug in and "connect truck" then start the engine or can I plug in at any time when the engine is running?
  8. Smarty Jr. Performce Levels and Gas Mileage

    I don't "push" the truck...no heavy foot! I will be driving interstates 65-70mph for 16-18 hrs/day for three days and don't get to 3000 ft elevation until western WY but I use the cruise to keep my speed constant. Last year, same trip, I drove using SW1 POD 99 all default settings and actually had transmission problem in Idaho. Thank God I was lucky enough to get a garage that had the expertise to fix it and was on the road in about 5 hrs. If I use SW 2, do I keep POD on 99 or can it be lowered and will running at the above speeds create an problem at SW 2? Also, can I plug in the Smarty while engine is running to adjust POD?
  9. I am going on a 6,000 mile trip to WA state (truck only), almost all on interstates, and I want to get the best gas mileage I can. I am confused on what perf level to use and POD setting. I have been running #1 since that was identified as best for gas mileage. I have read that the highest HP setting is best for gas mileage improvement, which is #3 on my unit, but I thought I read modification to the transmission and perhaps other engine systems are required before using this performance level. I am completely stock, used level#2 when towing my 5th wheel, but I have never used #3 because of what I read. Please help me understand what settings I should use but please keep it simple asI am not a "gear head" nor very mechanically inclined. I will appreciate any help you all can give. I have a 2004.5 completely stock.
  10. Update Help

    I have a Smarty Jr. POD for a 2004.5 Dodge. I purchased this unit in 2009 or 2008. How do I know if Ineed to update the software?