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  1. smoke and trouble

    I installed the fuel race valve our plug which ever you would like to call it. Without trailer performed great. No see dealer code and no limp mode. Will see this weekend when I hook up to race car trailer if it resolved it in towing conditions. Thanks for the help.
  2. smoke and trouble

    K I saw that mod offered but wasn't sure about the outcome of it. I know a lot about gas motors but not so much on diesel. Same principle more air and fuelinand out
  3. smoke and trouble

    Could it be An update issue mine hasn't been done in over a year or maybe fuel pump I been thinking about the air hog but I hate to spend the money on that if I need to spend it some where else. It bad when my half ton will out pull my diesel
  4. smoke and trouble

    Have done that also. What Would make the fuel pressure drop at the rail. Could it be the regulator or something truck has right at 100,000 on it
  5. smoke and trouble

    Also has egr delete
  6. smoke and trouble

    I have tried that many times. Doesn't work I've adjusted setting done fuel economy towing and performance. I changed fuel filter for 1 good run then back to same thing. Put a data logger on it and ever time it starts to build boost fuel rail pressure cuts in half truck lays down about 2400rpm in every gear by the time youmake it to 5th see dealer comes on
  7. smoke and trouble

    Every time I get on it hard or pull the race car trailer see dealer now comes on, on the overhead. Cuts power way back and gets terrible mpg. I have 2007 w/6.7 4" straight k&n and jr67