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  1. ldzielak

    Message for Marco

    I see mine on my Pioneer stereo as charging as high as 14.8V some times, table adjustment would be awesome. I'll second that!
  2. ldzielak

    48RE Shift Kit or Electronic tuning?

    Paulb, I have been playing with my TCC lockup for past few days trying the opposite, I think I would like to save lock up for higher speeds. I was also thinking about changing the gov curves for normal more like the WOT curves. I have a bad smoke problem with the truck, even at idle I can't for the life of me find a parameter to adjust that will point me in the right direction on what is abnormal about my truck. What I'm trying to do is let the truck rev higher and shift about 2000rpm even in light throttle no matter what gear. Also been trying to get it to kick down a gear way easier. When the truck bogs and I'm smoking already, I don't want to have to give 50%+ throttle to get it to kick down out of 4th to 3rd. I'm away at work for 10days, but can't wait to try the OD off option, I have the BD power box installed so already had this option, but if I can make it easier, that would be cool. Lee
  3. Lowered mine to 10 and I indeed can set my cruise very low in school zones. AT of course John.
  4. ldzielak

    UDC and Windows 7

    Since VMware has been blocked from use, I had no alternative than re partition my MacBook Pro and use Bootcamp to run native windows. Would have liked to use Windows 7 but they only support 8 or 10. Working fine now on Windows 10
  5. ldzielak

    UDC and Windows 7

    Has to be something screwed up with file permissions. I would remove all traces of UDC pro on both accounts and re install
  6. After reading and spending lots of time going over all the options in UDC PRO, I would like to go back to my custom tune Gecoveyc provided last year for my Touch (worked on V12, not sure about V14) Since my Touch is updated can I still use that old file? I don't have a ComMod yet so I would attempt to RT with the file. When I have more time to play with UDC PRO I will then get back to trouble shooting my trucks issues. Would just like to use his tune in when not trouble shooting, it make the truck run the best. Lee
  7. ldzielak

    48RE Shift Kit or Electronic tuning?

    I watched DTT rebuild my trans the 1st time and have had it out and done work my self 2 times since over past 8 years. I would say yes for sure, many of the billet upgrades shuttles I got had way better seals/orings than the stock setup. Tuning is limited on MY05 and shift kit will make shift firm and quicker. My race spring set almost gives you whiplash if you daily drive with them in stop and go traffic. Switched back to medium setup since all I do is daily drive now. Go both!
  8. gecoveyc, Sent you an email with my stock file now that I dusted off a 8yr laptop and got UDC Pro going and updated my Touch to latest Still have numerous problems with SD card again, but after 3 formats to all it to save the stock file, I'm proceeding slowly. Lee
  9. ldzielak


    Too bad it only applies to our trucks, our year is the only one without that feature. I added a BDPower box to do it for me, but I can wait to change my 3-4 shift points up o I don't bog so bad all the time.
  10. ldzielak

    48RE Tuning

    Sounds just like what I'm up to. Found an old laptop to run this UDC PRO, had problems with SD again, now just finished deleting the post. All based off stock tune for now.
  11. ldzielak

    48RE Tuning

    How has your testing gone? Very curious, that was my whole goal for getting this new software Lee
  12. Just to let people know, UDC PRO will not run in a VMware virtual machine (Windows 7 Pro). Regular UDC worked flawlessly for many years, but now my shiny new RT software is rendered useless on my MacBook PRO since my VM is not supported. Lee
  13. Please say YES that I will be finally capable of changing 48RE parameters? Ok first video did not show 48RE, but second video I found shows it! YES!!!! Been waiting 15years for this. My single biggest problem with my truck has always been shitf points! I already have SSR, Touch & UDC. Now I just need a UDC Pro dongle correct? Last non PRO update to my Touch looks to have fixed my inability to log more than a few seconds that has plagued my into since I purchased it last July. Fingers crossed I can adjust my trans and finally log and attempt to fix my smoke issues nobody has been able to solve for years and $12K worth of parts... Thanks, Lee