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  1. CRToney

    Model 2003

    I wish I had auto experience so I could comment. I'm waiting on a upgraded turbos for my 03&05 then some UDC I hope. 375-400 hp to the ground w/ cool egt is my goal.
  2. CRToney

    Model 2003

    Which bale deck do you have? I have a hydra-bed on my 05. The jr is a great addition to our trucks.
  3. CRToney

    New Smarty Jr owner-possibly disappointed?

    How are you making out with it Howard?
  4. CRToney

    new smarty on a 2003- no high idle

    The high idle is nice on my 05, I idle it up all the time. My 03 has the factory high idle I just takes a while for it to idle up. 03s get better milage and my 03 makes more power at the same settings than my 05. The oil stays cleaner too.
  5. CRToney

    Best settings for Smarty Jr.

    Finally got to tow with my 05 with the injectors installed. On the way there I had jr set on economy. (Pod 85). It seemed to run just a bit better than with the jr set on tow pod 85. Egt would hit 1250 and I had to downshift going up the hills. (My 03 could pull the hills in 6th). On the way home I took Brian's advice and run a stronger tune but lower the POD. So I loaded tow and set pOD to 75. Timing 3 Torque 4. Rail pressure seemed a bit higher. EGT up the hills was lower and I finally had the power I was looking for. No trouble pulling a hill in 6th. I didn't need as much boost to do it either. The fuel milage crept up on the way home too. Thanks Brian for encouraging me to try different settings. I'm thinking a Smarty touch and some UDC might be in my future. Monitoring gauge readings then custom tuning looks like it is the way to clean, efficient power.
  6. CRToney

    Boost pressures

    I have a boost bolt in my intake manifold to monitor boost. I'll try out my new 60 psi gauge today and the Ultragauge. Maybe my 35 psi gauge was faulty out of the gate. Gord I put in some DDP 50 hp injectors in my 05 bought from Harry at Peak Diesel Performance. He's has good prices and good service. After doing more reading I'm wishing I would have possibly tried the BBI injectors more $ and more flow but no cores to return. I put the injectors in with a mechanic friend of mine. I used new connector tubes. There are YouTube videos on the install and good threads on the forums on the install. It's not that difficult. I had injectors installed in Havre,MT and the mechanic never reinstalled one valve cover bolt (lost 3 L of oil) and never torqued intake horn or valve cover gaskets properly. At least if I do it myself I know who to blame and I know it's done right. I wish I had my truck down there I'd get a modded HE351 turbo from Turbo resource. John will chime in I'm sure. It's a bit different with my 6sp but your auto might like one too.
  7. CRToney

    Best settings for Smarty Jr.

    I was under the impression that Smarty added the revo settings so guys could add injectors and set timing to an ideal level. I'm a bit cautious. I don't want too much timing and damage something. I'll look a little more into it. I like to have my truck set so anyone can drive it and not have to watch my gauges.
  8. CRToney

    Safe Towing

    I've heard that even stock trucks blow head gaskets when towing. If you run H&S you can plan on doing a head gasket for sure. Installing head studs maybe good piece of mind.
  9. CRToney

    Best settings for Smarty Jr.

    I am currently running my 03 on the tow setting timing 3, torque 4, POD 85, after I get my new boost gauge I will see what boost it will run. The wastegate is disabled. (I'd like a wastegate but $250 for one is a bit much ). With the mods in my signature where should I set the Jr for economy and longevity? I didn't want to set the timing to high with the injectors so I set it to 3. On my 05 I have it set to economy with timing 3, torque 4 and POd 85. It has 50 hp injectors as well. Best settings? I tow with both trucks. I also don't like black smoke (fairly clean at these settings).
  10. CRToney

    Boost pressures

    Stock boost on my 03 was 26 psi but I have a 6sp. I put in 50 hp injectors and really like the power increase without a loss in economy. With the mods on my 03 it pulls very well. I did a few other mods listed in my signature for fun and reliability. The boot right off the turbo to the intercooler piping doesn't stand up well, keep,an eye on it.
  11. CRToney

    Hi from SW Saskatchewan

    I have 03 and 05 trucks. Smarty Jrs in both. I've had my 03 since 08 and a jr in it from day 1. doing a bit of wrenching is enjoyable. I might have to try some UDC tuning someday.
  12. I'm wishing I had ordered BBi injectors for my 05 and had them in my 03. I thought they'd be too hot for my stock turbo. It sounds like it's money well spent.