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  1. Mobius1

    Smarty touch VIN locked?

    Brian, Are you talking about firmware version 2.2.9? If I update it to 2.2.9, is that going to break the ability to run ssr and tnt tuning? I believe the current firmware version on it now is 1.1.2
  2. Mobius1

    Smarty touch VIN locked?

    I recently sold my smarty touch and now the user is saying that when he tries to program his truck, he is saying that he can't. I have attached the error that he is getting. I should also mention that I have SSR and TNTR unlock installed on this smarty as well as UDC. Is the smarty not unlocked from my truck? I know for a fact I returned my truck to stock before I sold it. I was running my UDC tune when I returned to stock. How does this get fixed? Thanks in Advance
  3. Dylan gave me a call today. We downgraded to version 1.1.2 and it was working fine. Thank You!
  4. Brian, Did you get my PM? I haven't received a call from a tech yet...
  5. Update I tried to overwrite version 1.1.1 onto SD card and the Smarty Touch said no valid SD card detected (VS) I reformatted 2 different SD cards (FAT32 file partition, default allocation size) and re-loaded the v 1.1.1 firmware and received the same message "No valid Sd card detected (VS) I tried to manually update firmware via the Smarty touch menu and it said the update file is too old. The latest version available on http://madselectronics.com/DownloadTouch.html other than 1.1.3 which I can't run is 1.1.1. I still have no udc, no ssr and no tnt-r tuning. I can't clear codes. What else can i try?
  6. I don't have udc pro tunes. I'm still not 100% clear how udc pro works from regular udc. Can i roll back to 1.1.2 and get everything back?
  7. Hello, I recently updated My Smarty Touch to the latest version found 1.1.3. I now lost the the ability to do custom tunes. I don't see the availability to do udc tunes. I also purchased the TNT-R and SSR tuning programs as well and I don't have those anymore. Help Please!!
  8. So bottom line will it be worth retuning my current udc tunes to to work with udc pro? Do I have to buy a different dongle?
  9. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Ok. So I think I will try LLT 5 HLT 28 LLRP 10 or maybe 8. Seems to cruise right around 20k on 10 HLRP 10 Might go lower. Seems to hit 26k pretty easy. Actual rail PSI might be higher but rail psi sensor only reads 26k LLD 0 HLD 15 I will try playing with top end Thanks again John!
  10. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    With your settings LLT 5 HLT 20 LLRP 0 HLRP 10 LLD 0 HLD 5 Runs good, but everything is pretty close to stock. A little bit of ping in the 1500-2000 rpm range, but not bad. no smoke really. Pauls settings LLT 24 HLT 28 LLRP 10 HLRP 10 LLD 20 HLD 32 A little more punch down low, still has the ping in the same range Seems slower to get to boost compared to TNT lvl9 software. No smoke really! EGTS seem to stay right around 1200 even WOT. I was pretty impressed with the EGT's and pretty much 0 smoke. Which tells me that there is room for more. Rail PSI seems to hit 26K pretty easy though If the truck is caught under the charger, it will smoke, however not really that much. Overall a very clean tune.
  11. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    I might try Pauls Suggestions now, just to see what happens. this one is starting to feel sluggish compared what I am used to :ibiggrin:
  12. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Ok. As per John's Suggestions, I tried LLT 5 HLT 20 LLRP 0 HLRP 10 LLD 0 HLD 5 With pilot injection off and tq 3. Still had my "gatling gun" rattle. I lowered HLT to 15. Still there. Then I set her back to stock, loaded original john's settings again, this time with Pilot injection on and tq 1 and the rattle was gone! Obviously the pilot injection and/or tq setting was causing that. Truck seemed to ride pretty nice! I didn't really get on her too much, didn't do any WOT runs so dont have too much info yet. Roads are till too sloppy for that. Seems to have the "Ping" still when I give her a little throttle. Seemed to happen in the 1500rpm-2k range. If it rolled into it slowly it didn't ping. seems to be a little cleaner at idle compared to my udc tune. I really don't smell the exhaust like i used to.
  13. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    don't know why this wasn't showing in my list of mods but I am running a colt stg 3 cam 181 degree intake and 210 exhaust. Which would probably explain my my truck might need less than stock timing and duration?
  14. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    Thank you John. I will try out those settings and see how they work. I will report back on my findings.
  15. Mobius1

    SSR Tuning Suggestions

    I just got the SSR software for my Smarty Touch loaded up Pauls tune, TQ3 with pilot injection off. Truck had a serious rattle noise right above 1500 rpm Sounded like a gatling gun almost. I think with the stg 1.5 BBI there just might be too much timing and duration. What settings should I run? I have a feeling that may be where my "Ping" noise is coming from in this thread http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?629-Pinging-With-BBI-Stg-1-5/page2