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  1. 06mega

    Gauges won’t work

    also could be a bad connection at the OBD port like a bad connection with one or two pins within the port
  2. 06mega

    Bouncing RPM when dumping throttle?

    oh OK I see on my 06 it does it noticeably when i let off throttle never has done it accelerating though sorry i dont know then that is wild. how is rail pressure? Don't know if FCA would cause that or not.
  3. 06mega

    Bouncing RPM when dumping throttle?

    I believe it is like that so you do not get high rail pressure spikes when you let off throttle
  4. yes I know I am also running his tunes and love the trans tuning it is so awesome really happy with the shifting now
  5. 06mega

    SMARTY Touch Firmware: 2.2.13 8/27/18

    i did like the new update it gives user more options
  6. this transmission tuning rocks it is simply amazing how different it shifts and does what it supposed to do thanks Rob D
  7. 06mega

    SMARTY Touch Firmware: 2.2.13 8/27/18

    i believe you are correct i looked at the calibration signature and that's what it shows
  8. 06mega

    SMARTY Touch Firmware: 2.2.13 8/27/18

    I am wondering same thing as above.
  9. 06mega

    '06 Com Mod Install and Errors

    write up a support ticket and @Brian will take care of you
  10. 06mega

    MM3 low voltage

    I would have soldered it for the best connection and will never have corrosion or connection issues. that is the way i did mine works great
  11. 06mega

    Hello from Switzerland

    welcome to this wonderful forum lots of good info here and lots of great knowledgeable people enjoy your stay
  12. 06mega

    Also red x on display

    hello Brian, Please look in the second gen discussion for codes this gentleman is having he has them posted there thanks
  13. 06mega

    High boost/low egt

    i think that would depend on turbo size for me running stock turbo he351cw that is pretty normal boost and EGT numbers cause of the smaller turbine housing the turbo spins faster which to me concludes lower EGTs and higher boost numbers I really do not think that it would be dead cylinders I think if it would be that you would notice a difference in power I think with the twins that it was lower boost at cruise cause of the other turbo giving a little back pressure to the secondary turbo and both of them working together you would have better flow to motor.
  14. 06mega


    great job Brian way to take care of the new members and smarty owners what a great group of people to deal with. Thanks charles
  15. 06mega