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  1. Charlie 2011 3500

    Fass fuel line problems 150/titanium

    Mine leaked at install , I think it was a bad batch of fuel line (There was Parker and a second vender of the line) great customer service no problems since. before notifying get # off the hose
  2. Will this request allowed the removal of the DPF with no codes
  3. Charlie 2011 3500

    VER mismatch

  4. Charlie 2011 3500

    VER mismatch

    Brian ERROR VER mismatch tuned VER#;11351131AM connected VER#;11350131AM Please Help
  5. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Brian Let Dylan know he is a genius, at least today. Thank him for his help reformatting the SD card. It down loaded to the touch just like it was supposed too. and today was a good day with the new update. Also thank him for his patience. I am still learning windows 10. I guess I now need to install the Com-Mod to get the new features? Thanks Charlie
  6. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Brian smarty touch say drst002a, I did the new update drst003a it shows on my SD card that it is there. It is like the touch is not reading it. I have 2 green lights, everything else seems to be working. When I installed drst002a unplugged and plugged back in, it worked fine. This time no luck, I have tried going through the configuration and it tells me I am up to date.
  7. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    I did that . it worked with the last up date. This time when I tries the config tools it says I am all ready up dated. the 3A is on the SD card but it seems the Touch will not read it. Could the card be bad?
  8. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Good news just returned home with a new Commod now just waiting for the release. For 2011 Bad news down loaded lasted up date on the SD card but the touch will not update tried 3 times . it showed up on the card Back in January up dated just fine just plugged it in. Now when I try to configure it says I have the latest update . but its 2A not 3A I have a good connection and two green lights.
  9. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    do I set back to stock before pulling the SD card to up date. or can the tune remain?
  10. Charlie 2011 3500

    customize tuning on smarty touch

    Yes I would like a copy also
  11. Charlie 2011 3500

    black screen

    My touch did the same thing on Saterday. I unpluged and pluged it back in. seem to be working. Is there a problem? did i do somthing wrong?
  12. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Brian untin now i have only used Sw 1 3 & 5 with the timing already added i tryed SW2 that went fine added timing 3 as recommend. Where is tq1 ? it automaticaly started to program and was successfull. should i do it again where do i find tq1 and what did i do wrong? are the instructions avaliable for what you have completed so far?
  13. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Thanks but a little more clarification. SW 3 and 5 already have timing added. SW 2 has no timing added. But if it was SW2 timing 3 would that be the same as SW3
  14. Charlie 2011 3500

    help setting touch

    Hello Brian Truck back from shop 2 new 02 sensor , module and wiring harness. Along with no check engine light! Touch will be updated to (1.0.8 ) What is a good setting / tune for the little time I am not pulling the 5th wheel. 2011 3500 dully 11,000 miles AFE intake , other than that stock (for now.) Also getting ready to pull 1,000 mi south. ( bike week ) Truck and 5th wheel I am around 25,000 lbs. Do you have a good tune for that ? The truck is not run hard. Will touch be capable of DEF delete soon? thanks in advance