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  1. ArNy64

    EGT's, when do I back off?

    Give this a watch
  2. ArNy64

    do i need the commod?

    Ok that makes sense why i kept getting a error then. Thanks man
  3. ArNy64

    do i need the commod?

    Do i need the commod to use rt parameters in udc pro? Thanks
  4. ArNy64

    Boost pressure sensor linearization

    To add on top of that answer those equations only work for a 5V system voltage and the MCU using 10 bit resolution on there ADC module.Odds are you will be fine using that equation,but just glancing at some of the 6.7 files there max values are 16383 - 20000 which would give you a 14bit or 15ish bit resolution.Odds are most mcu being used are 5v still,i couldnt see 3.3v yet.I think the biggest changes are just there resolution the newer the truck is. 10bit = 1023 16bit = 65535 v = (systemVoltage / maxCounts ) * counts---------------- [ (5 / 1023) * 500 = 2.4v] Converts counts to voltage counts = (maxCounts / systemVoltage) * voltage-------- [(1023 / 5) * 0.5 = 102.3 ] Converts voltage to counts
  5. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    I tried it out last night real quick left it in park and only got the 800rpm,this morning i drove it with the 850 tune still programmed and once i put it in gear it went to 850rpm.Weird it only shot once in gear. Ok start with fueling,then adjust timing.Ya i wasnt sure exactly with the duration table how much that really effects fueling, i saw that defuel table my god no wonder it feels like a bus even with my 1400 stall.That definitely help thanks.
  6. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    Thank you so much,loaded it up idle changed perfectly weird thing was my engine speed was only 800rpm not 850rpm like the file name implied.It did change though so a 2001.5 does work with udc pro.
  7. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    Only makes sense once i say i cant get the get stock file option it works now.Just had to update to 2.0 that seemed to fixed it,anyways here is the stock file i pulled https://www.dropbox.com/s/prsz7h8d5sy6633/2nd_gen_stock_arny.s2g?dl=0
  8. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    perfect there is more then I already thought. that would be awesome,iam having trouble getting my stock file.i think iam following the right instructions it says you need to vin lock it so I programmed smartys 30 hp tune.then it says to go to ecm->get stock file.but no option shows up.i must be doing something wrong,my firmware is 1.001.01.
  9. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    Ok i figured it would i just have not heard alot of people with 2nd gen running udc pro thought maybe not all was supported yet.Just double checking thanks
  10. ArNy64

    Question before buying

    I have a 2001 and looking at buying udc pro,and one thing i noticed is on my smarty touch my vehicle info shows it as a 2001.5.But in the udc pro demo i only see calibrations for 2001.Would the 2001 calibration still work on a 2001.5 truck? Thanks
  11. ArNy64

    throttle response issue

    Finally dug back into this problem,solved it only took more than a year lol.Adjusting the trans throttle cable pushing it towards the firewall allowing the throttle valve to open sooner got rid of it.So iam running 2 extra clutches in the front clutch,and 2 extra in the OD housing maybe those two clutches and low stall and high amount of pressure ie(TV cable) on the clutches is just causing a big load acceptance on the motor.It was most noticable more when i would go atleast 50% apps and the slower the vehicle was moving.Still like the power it pushes with the cable pushed in,pain if you just floor it but once it catches up it just goes.If you dont like the jerky feeling (more noticable with high TQ) with a slight amount of throttle pull the cable out.I think BD said the shift points are changed 75rpm +/- for every 1/8th inch the cable is moved just mark your original place and your good to go.
  12. ArNy64

    thermocouple amplifier

    ok thank you
  13. ArNy64

    thermocouple amplifier

    looks like the amplifier got a hole in the bottom of it and shorted,when i monitor egt its pegged at max value,and egt sensor status is shorted to supply.i disconnected the probe and still have the issue.how much for one? -thanks
  14. ArNy64

    governor pressure actual

    how consistent should a gov. pressure value be on the smarty.it used to normally increase for shifts and you can read the value fine. one day i lost overdrive and then it came back then noticed the gov. pressure jumping around and it has been stuck with these sporatic jumps in values only on the gov. pressure actual. my trans failed so it was rebuilt so thinking i have a new transducer it should cure it but it did not. just curious if anyone else has the same pattern my transducer is seeing. i've hooked a mech. gauge to the gov test port gauge read steady no needle jumping. i attached a image of the datalog blue is the gp-a if you couldnt tell. -thanks forgot its a VP truck
  15. ArNy64

    throttle response issue

    sorry forgot to say i can monitor my LP 15psi idle 13ish WOT gauge doesnt drop when this happens stays 15psi, no codes.