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  1. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    Any news on this?
  2. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    UGH! Saw thread updated. I was hoping. But nada. Darn!
  3. Darkfred

    egt sensor failure

    Update: Tested sensor out using multimeter and graphs. all looked correct. Looked close at sensor lead terminations. One crimp was loose on lead. Terminal screw area had a lot of dirt and in it. Cleaned everything up. Tightened crimps. May get a new sensor and solder on terminals later. No problems with sensor for about two plus weeks. Was very unhappy when it did go "whacky" because I had a another person help drive and they were new to towing and watching EGT. When sensor failed I should have returned tune to stock until it was working again especially towing with a rookie relief driver
  4. Darkfred

    egt sensor failure

    Sensor is currently working again. Touch information on sensor said it was "shorted to power" . I did disconnect then reconnect sensor at cold junction and at touch control module. When I did nothing changed sensor was still not working. Over the course of the day driving it was like the sensor dried out and the ground went away. Sensor then started working correctly again. I will check it with some k type tables and a multi-meter tomorrow when we get to our destination.
  5. Darkfred

    egt sensor failure

    Had a another sensor failure. Same failure as before./ Thermocouple shorts out internally./ Touch reads 3000 some degrees with engine off./ With engine running it bounces around above 1000 up to 2000 under light load where it normally is at 750f./ Will try a reboot on of touch doubt it will work./ touch says sensor is shorted./ So where can I get a new sensor>? I 'm on my way to southern Utah from Portland (Zion National park)./ Do these sensors have issues? I also need a new keyboard for my computer./ Arrrgh./
  6. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    And So? Anything new?
  7. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    anything brewing?
  8. Darkfred

    Dead battery's

    Look at how you wired in your relay to power your FASS fuel pump. If you don't have it on a ignition "on" switched power source relay will be constantly powered. Had that happen to me with a Pak brake system.
  9. Darkfred

    UDC, Dongle and Touch

    Ah Ha! Ok will try that Thank you
  10. Darkfred

    UDC, Dongle and Touch

    Good day, Got questions here. I have a 2004 truck with Touch on it. Had vendor do a UDC tune. I have the dongle and it is VIN locked to my truck. I plugged the dongle into my laptop and started UDC software but it remains in "demo" mode. Software should recognize dongle and unlock correct?. Or are there different types of dongles? I think vendor mentioned that, but my CRS is kicking in. Also to copy UDC tune from Touch to look at it in software does it need to be in some special format? I pulled the memory card from touch and inserted it into my laptop and directed software to look at memory card. It did not recognize any files. Thank you
  11. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    So is extra sensor buss still in the works?
  12. Darkfred

    Low RPM smoke

    Just an update on this. After I got back to Northwest in June I had vehicle UDC tuned. HUGE Difference! I basically can do what ever is needed with throttle when towing now. No billowing clouds of black smoke. I'm thinking my whole issue was due to the mods done to vehicle (+50 injectors and bigger turbo)and then throwing in the generic tunes on the touch. BBI injectors from the graph flow considerable more fuel then stock. The generic tunes are based on stock equipment. So I was flowing a whole bunch more fuel and just did not have the air to support it until turbo spooled. So the lesson learned is if you put larger injectors and turbo on engine do a or have done a UDC tune.
  13. Darkfred

    Add on sensors

    So I have a Touch with a EGT sensor. I want to add a fuel pressure sensor at the CP3 inlet and a temp sensor at my NV5600. I tow a lot and have added a cooler on NV5600 that has a sensor port. Will the touch get an Expandable sensor buss like the Edge CTS EAS? Thank you
  14. Darkfred

    New to Smarty, new to 3rd gens.

    I tow a 12000 lb fifth wheel. When I was stock with clutch worn I ran higher rpms in low gears to keep clutch from slipping example climbing 5% grade I ran in fourth at 2500rpm (45mph). My stock clutch only lasted until about 135K miles . It was down to the rivets when it got changed. I went to the south bend double disc. Great results but shifting is harsher since double disk really grabs. My set up now is a 2004 DRW quad cab ,raptor 150, 2 micron filter setup, BBI stage one injectors, .64 AR S300 turbo, SB dual disk, NV5600, Smarty touch. I have been towing with this setup for the past 8k miles I have smarty on SW5 timing 3 Tq0. My EGT climbs above 1300 in sixth so I pretty much drop back to 5th and keep EGT below 1250. I do have to drive differently then a stock rig because of bigger turbo. I have to be concerned with keeping turbo spooled in order to not blow black smoke. I do that by just shifting at higher R's and operating at higher r's until I m at cruising speed.
  15. Darkfred

    Touch Pro's And Con"s

    have you updated the software on your unit?