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  1. Rob D

    Custom Tune

    As for the tow haul button, it will function as a overdrive off with my tunes.
  2. Rob D

    Custom Tune

    G56 is the swap I was going to do before I got my tuning figured out... Now I'm keeping my 48RE 👍
  3. You would need to install a pacbrake or equivalent and with my tuning you could control it with your ecm. The ecm will handle everything from lockup, downshifting and even has a cold warmup feature that activates the brake at idle until the coolant temp comes up.
  4. The tester in the video is showing that my ecm is actually commanding the exhaust brake on and off just like it would in a manual truck. There are pins on the ecm that control the brake and I know how to activate them.
  5. Rob D

    Custom Tune

    I think you could benefit from my tuning, but the speeds you are driving are right in the zone of 3rd gear lockup coming on depending on throttle position. One thing that would work for sure is a lowered lockup point for manual 2nd in the speed range you are driving. Lockup would happen about 25 mph. Any faster than about 30 and you'd be looking to upshift though as the RpMs climb rapidly in 2nd.
  6. Rob D

    new here

    It should be noted that the ME is not a smarty product and is not supported here.
  7. Rob D

    Custom Tune

    Hi Steve, I do not do the 2nd gens for 2 reasons: 1, I'm not that familiar with the VP system and 2, there is no way currently to tune the TCM so a lot of what my tunes have to offer don't work on a 2nd gen anyway.
  8. Rob D

    Transmission temp senor location

    Thanks Paul, I wasn't aware that isspro is a standalone system for trans temp. I should have googled 1st. They look a lot like VDO gauges...
  9. Rob D

    Transmission temp senor location

    This is almost certainly an issue with the software of the gauges in question. They both take the same data stream from the ecm and have to apply a multiplier to get the display value used by humans. I'd bet isspro is using the wrong multiplier.
  10. Rob D

    Egr delete

    Hi there, FYI smarty resource doesn't deal in deletes, they just do emission compliant tuning. There are other forums that deal with this topic out there that you can find pretty easily.
  11. Rob D

    p2609 code on 06 5.9l

    I can bypass it for you with custom tuning. PM me if interested.
  12. Rob D

    Gauges won’t work

  13. Rob D

    Diesel Doctor

    Yeah seems like this is the issue. You need to find a tuner that supports the engine mods you have. Smarty Resource only deals in emission compliant tuning so unfortunately you won't be able to discuss that on THIS websites forum.
  14. I have a recovery file from Brian and I'm trying to get it loaded on to my smarty jr.I have the smarty hooked up to my computer and it doesn't seem to see it any help would be appreciated it's a j06 .I have never dealt with any of the smarty products until now so I'm not sure what I'm doing 

    1. Brian Bichanich

      Brian Bichanich

      Rob I just talked to Brian and he said if I give you my phone number you could give me a call and hopefully walk me through my problems with what I'm trying to do Thanks.            Brian Bichanich.               262-620-1766

  15. I noticed in your video that I forgot to change your tow haul button to an od off button. Sent you some new tunes by pm, give those a try I think you'll like them even more!