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  1. @Brian Is the new Switchable tuning for 2006+ like EFI live's system? I assume there is enough memory to load alternate tables and we can switch between them?
  2. Rob D

    Supporting Mods for the higher HP Tunes

    Not sure about that, there are some other guys that can answer better. @4Play
  3. Rob D

    Supporting Mods for the higher HP Tunes

    All of that plus a billet input shaft if you're on a 48re.... 😁
  4. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Yes you'd need to be using your own tune for the TH lockout to work. Even on a UDC pro tune that particular parameter doesn't work RT, it requires a full flash even though it's labeled RT. The 3rd TCC unlock tables don't affect the zero throttle unlock behavior. It may be a parameter we don't have access to via udc. When I was messing with winOLS and searching through the actual flash bin file I found quite a few transmission tables that I don't believe are included in UDC pro. It could be that they serve no function though, but it's possible one of those tables is the mystery table we need.
  5. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    I don't remember which UDC update it was, but we gained the option to change the TH button into an OD lockout instead of the stock TH shift tables. That is how I've been running my truck. The only thing I don't like in that mode is the TCC will unlock if you come off the throttle below 55mph. In the stock TH mode the 3rd gear TCC stays locked even if you're off the throttle. I loved that and I wish there were an option added to udc pro to adjust what speed the 3rd TCC unlocks in OD off mode... @Brian
  6. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    I put my tables back to stock and noticed that the truck will go into 4th as low as about 45 mph plus or minus. I'm wondering if the 50 mph no matter what shift that we see when we try to raise the 4th shift point is just the software limitation of the operating system and it can't do a shift over 50 mph. I notice if you are in TH mode it can though, and if you're really on the throttle 3rd gear will hold passed that range.
  7. Rob D

    probleme sd card

    Does it even have an SD card in it? Maybe the old owner removed it? One other option is if the owner left you on a custom tune, pod doesn't work with those either.
  8. Rob D

    S67 EGR delete

    PM inbound.
  9. Rob D

    Hello from Switzerland

    Is this personal preference or will you get reported to the government?
  10. Rob D

    Hello from Switzerland

    SW 5 with a lower torque setting is pretty good on smoke and great for towing in my opinion.
  11. Rob D


    There is a visual smoke test in California but it's subjective to the guy doing the test. Just set your truck back to stock before the test with enough time for the truck to complete the readiness monitors. You can check those with an obd scanner, which is a good idea anyway before you smog. You might have a pending code that hasn't tripped the MIL yet that would cause you to fail smog. A quick obd scan before the test would save you $40 in that case.
  12. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    @jwissler10 The regular 3-4 upshift table is very steep and will cause a shift at 50-55 mph stock. The tow haul table is a little less steep and will allow the truck to get as high as 60mph if you're on the hammer. All of that goes out the window if you modify any 4th gear table in UDC pro. I too am a little bummed because it sounds like they might not be working on this. @Brian can we look into a meet up with the mads guys somewhere?
  13. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Hey Brian, As far as #4 above goes, all you have to do is modify anything on the 4th gear map and the behavior will present. The truck will shift into 4th no matter what at 50mph. It could be a very small change and this will be the result. As far as not being able to replicate the problem, let me know next time a mads guy is in the country and I'll bring my truck to them.
  14. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Yeah I'd do what he says. I know enough about the 48re to be dangerous.
  15. Rob D

    TC lock-up 04.5

    So far UDC Pro will not fix this issue in my experience. There are issues with the 48re tuning that just don't work right. Mads says they are working on it but no timeframe given. You might ask your transbuilder if enlarging the bleed hole for the TCC will help?