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  1. Just a quick explanation of the parameters that set governor pressure when the torque converter clutch is applied. There are 2 parameters, one for 2nd gear TCC and one for 3rd and 4th gears. These pressures are set to prevent a locked downshift which could cause a lot of damage if under high load conditions. Example:. You're towing heavy up a long grade and are in either manual 2nd, drive 3rd or 4th and the TCC is locked. You are still slowing down because the grade is steep and as a result you continue to push harder on the throttle. This translates to the TTVA continuing to advance and supply greater amounts of throttle pressure to the transmission valve body which in hydraulic terms is essentially requesting a downshift. If the throttle pressure overcomes the governor pressure which is pushing against the other side of the valve, you will get that downshift. If this happens while the TCC is locked, severe damage may result. To prevent this, the governor pressure is set by the ecm during TCC lockup to either 127psi for 3rd and 4th or 56psi for 2nd gear effectively blocking the valve from being pushed over by throttle pressure. This is to prevent a hydraulic downshift and let's the truck rely on the TCC unlock table to unlock the TCC which will then clear that set governor pressure and return to a normal governor pressure which will provide an unlocked safe downshift.
  2. Rob D

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    I think some of the parameters in udc are those options, like the od off mode. Doesn't seem to be a calibration option.
  3. Just had a chance to do some drive testing and had excellent results. I set the anti hunt to not come on until 98% throttle and the inertia calculations to 99%. It became apparent that the antihunt tables were affecting other gears as well. I started getting very high rpm shifts from 1-2 and 2-3. After some adjustments to the ttva and Udc governor table (which is used between 20% throttle and the WOT gov pressure table) I was able to reign in those shifts. I should add that I also adjusted the economy governor tables in winols before importing into udc in order to raise the 1-2 shift point. The economy governor tables are used between 0 and 19% throttle. Also, using the torque converter relock tables which we don't have in udc, my TC now stays locked when I come off the throttle in 3rd gear just like it would in stock tow haul mode ( I run with od off mode). All in all I have found the 48RE VERY tunable and it now drives far better than stock. If MADS doesn't include @cummins1984's parameters then they are really missing the boat here. There is far more to be had in terms of 48RE tuning.
  4. That makes a lot of sense, but in this case I believe it was an error on Dodge/Cummins tuners. I think even the stock 4th gear map trips the antihunt maps, people just don't notice it because the shift is unlocked. Most people I have talked with about 4th gear mistake the TCC application for the 3-4 shift, not knowing the 3-4 shift happened quite a while ago...
  5. With the major help from @cummins1984 and over 11 pages or private messages back and forth, I can say the issue of 2005 model year auto trucks not following a modified 3-4 shift map above 20% is SOLVED. The issue stems from having only a small portion of the 48re maps available in UDC and the consequences of changing the 3-4 upshift map without having access to other maps affected by those changes. In short, one group of maps we are missing is the anit-hunt maps. These maps are intended to keep gear hunting to a minimum. When we modify the 3-4 upshift maps, this moves the 3-4 shift points outside of what the anti hunt maps will allow and the result is an early shift into 4th. This shift is VERY noticeable especially if you have set the TCC to lock in 3rd. The early 3-4 shift will fall short of 4th TCC lock and you will get a flared 4th shift and then at some point the TCC will lock again. I will forward this to mads and hopefully they will address the issue. @Brian
  6. Looks like there is also an option to select an actual oil pressure sensor instead of the oil pressure switch/ecm calculated oil pressure.
  7. I wonder if it would be possible to export as csv and write a script in excel to convert it into a semi colon sv that UDC will accept?
  8. @jwissler10 @cummins1984 @4Play
  9. Rob D

    Shedding some light on fuel limits

    You think you could make a flowchart? A visual of the ecm flow would be huge.
  10. In UDC Pro, the parameters we have for the 48RE are just a small window of what's available in the calibration, and we are missing some key items. The most glaring item in my opinion is the governor pressure map. By my count there are 17 different governor pressure maps. The one we have in UDC is actually the map used between 20% throttle and the WOT governor pressure map. Also, the 20% throttle is an adjustable parameter. The maps used below 20% are called fuel economy maps and there is one for regular and tow haul mode. There are also several anti hunt governor pressure maps such as the 1-2 force upshift and the 1-2 1st gear hold. There is a set of those for gears 1-3. A couple of interesting things... Cummins labels the tow haul maps as "exhaust brake" maps and all of us with an 05 auto have experienced the problem with the 3-4 upshift maps not being followed above 20%. Yep, interesting coincidence... I haven't been able to test if the economy mode percentage impacts the upshift maps yet, but I will advise as soon as I do. I suspect that over 20% the 3-4 upshift is somehow calculated by the ecm and the curves aren't used, but haven't found any other parameters to support that theory. Other maps we don't have that are important are the torque converter unlock and relock maps. These are different than the ones already in UDC and have to do with how the TC reacts when transitioning between on throttle and off throttle and vise versa. These are the maps that make the TC stay locked in 3rd tow haul when you are coasting vs the TC unlocking during coasting not in tow haul. One change to that map and the TC stays locked in both modes on my truck now. There also seems to be full support for the ecm running an exhaust brake and even a parameter for where to set the ttva when the brake is active. UDC is a great product, but in all honesty I feel like MADS left a lot on the table. If they added all of these parameters, UDC would be the hottest thing going. As it stands, to alter these parameters you need udc pro professional and winOLS. It seems apparent to me that the mads guys gave us the tables we need to go fast and make big HP, but left out most of the driveability tables that would be a game changer for the professional tuners and their customers. Hopefully they will be added soon as I'm sure other platforms will if mads doesn't.
  11. Rob D

    Shedding some light on fuel limits

  12. Rob D

    Time to catch up and get ahead

    Sure does. Any luck on the disassemble?
  13. Rob D

    Time to catch up and get ahead

    I'm not connecting. The only thing I use calterm for is to find parameter addresses and cross-reference them in the tech authority bin. So far everything in calterm has been in the tech authority bin.
  14. I'm guessing your ecm is freaking out over the gear ratio. The ecm is constantly watching engine rpm and output shaft speed and will calculate what gear it's in. My guess is 5th gear is the only one that matches close enough to not go to limp. A recovery file will turn your ecm into a manual and should solve this.
  15. Rob D

    Time to catch up and get ahead

    The main difference is you can import the tech authority bin files. This enables you to edit the bin file outside of udc in winOLS which is good for working on the maps we don't have in UDC. You can create custom parameters in UDC but it's difficult and easier to do it in winOLS.