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  1. 4Play

    Supporting Mods for the higher HP Tunes

    This ^ = decent amount of mods. Running the higher level tunes does still provide a benefit for most if you drive with some sanity. When I was still running a stock truck, the best mileage was with the TNT 9 tune and mild driving. I could not tow with it at 9 as I would see tons of smoke and high EGTs. The REVO tunes should keep you happy for a while until you step into a custom tune. Nothing will beat a good custom tune. I would say a pyro gauge would be second after a lift pump or at least better filtration. Protect those injectors for sure. I didn't catch the year of truck but if it is an '05 with the plastic capped intercooler I'd get that swapped so you dont blow the end caps off. I've seen it happen on a stock truck with a boost fooler.
  2. 4Play

    Supporting Mods for the higher HP Tunes

    EGT monitoring is a must. Even with a stock truck you can push the temps to 1300+ fairly quick in the right conditions. I'm not sure on the exact numbers for the REVO software but on the 210 hp tune you'd be very close to 3000 us in duration. To supply that kind of fuel without a rail pressure faceplant you'd need at least a CP3 upgrade if not duals especially with over-sized injectors. A larger single or compound turbos would needed to feed enough air. I would strongly recommend head studs. Depending on the setup and how much boost you are running, you'd probably get into the 103# springs and heavier rods very quickly if you chase higher rpms. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things. What most people don't catch onto very quickly is the amount of potential at the stock fueling level (~1900 us). With good tuning and some 50hp BBi's you can break all kinds of things if you get crazy but also have a great running, good mpg, 5th wheel hauling beast that can put some decent numbers down on the dyno if done right. If its big numbers you are looking for, prepare for the never ending list of upgrades and the river of tears as you sacrifice Benjamin Franklin to the hp Gods repeatedly until your kid's college fund has been depleted and your house is up for foreclosure. You can look forward to calling the FedEx and UPS delivery drivers family. The best part is seeing the look on the face of that pompous BMW/Audi/etc driver when you leave them pounding on their steering wheel in a haze of smoke with their ears ringing of turbo whistle and exhaust drone. But too each his own...... We shall await your decision.
  3. 4Play

    Cruise Timing for 2005

    Once you find a decent spot with timing, try adjusting rail pressure up/down a bit before adjusting the timing again. It may take a couple rail adjustments at different timing levels but I'm betting you'll see a more noticeable difference. Pilot adjustments can give a decent boost too. When going with bigger injectors and/or increasing duration, the adjustments become even more noticeable and you may have to reduce your increments. Data logging the new BBi's has been a dream. The data logs are showing they respond to programming changes much more precisely than my old BMS injectors.
  4. 4Play

    BBi Success Rates

    Awesome news gentlemen.
  5. 4Play

    Error 70009 During Recovery

    Any time I have seen the "Failed to get ECM parameters" it has been a connection issue. I have had to either pull the OBDII and plug it back in or the micro-usb connector on the Touch. If the Touch connector has been tweaked just a tiny bit it can cause intermittent issues. If the cable is loose at all when plugging it in, I would recommend manipulating the metal guide housing on the Touch with a tiny screwdriver or blade. I have had to tighten mine up before when the suction cup lost its grip on the window and the whole thing dropped onto the dash. It hit the cable just enough to bend that housing and cause a loose fit and intermittent connection. I have also heard of corroded/dirty or damaged pins on the OBDII causing quite a few issues. The other thing you could try is a different SD card. I've ran across many that have issues out of the box. I have never had an issue with Lexar but they are out of business. You can still find plenty of them out there and most come with an adapter/reader. Any of the Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, or Verbatim should do just fine. The higher speed class 10 633x or above seem to be more reliable.
  6. 4Play


    The only time I ever have it show up is when checking the codes with the engine running after I've done a RTP/Rtg flash.
  7. 4Play


  8. 4Play

    Boost reading on startup

  9. 4Play

    Boost pressure sensor linearization

    Its a function of an analog to digital conversion. Here is a link to the article I found that explains it. I'm not sure how many manufacturers include the calibration data though. These guys include the info on how to calculate it even if you don't have the calibration info and even how to drop it into excel. https://torqbyte.com/blogs/tech/51036609-torqtune-map-sensor-calibration
  10. 4Play

    Boost pressure sensor linearization

    I had some info on the topic but haven't had luck finding it again yet. I'll keep digging.
  11. Thanks for the info. Good for future plans!!
  12. With proper filtration and stock rail pressure on a truck ('05) that sees a variety of street, towing, daily driving and modded to the 600-750hp range, what would the life expectancy be on the remans vs new stock or new BBi
  13. 4Play

    I Am Lost

    The Touch doesn't keep track of the time/date so all files updated by it will be dated 01/01/2011. The Touch doesn't actually take the stock file from the truck. Smarty does NOT download the complete original software from the ECM and does not store it into it's memory. That is for a simple reason. The protocol in the ECM does not allow to read the flash memory. How can Smarty then return to stock? Simple he has all the latest stock softwares already on board. When you choose to return the truck back to stock, Smarty takes the stock software from it's memory and updates the ECM with that software.
  14. 4Play

    I Am Lost

    http://smartyresource.com/Downloads/Manuals/SmartyTouchComprehensiveGuide.pdf Pages 10-12 should be basically all you need for changing power levels. Getting the stock file for the truck would be used for custom tuning with UDC Pro. The Smarty Touch or the MM3 will write the Stock File for the truck onto the MicroSD card in the Folder: “Custom” folder”Stock”. File Name: “UDC Stock.S2G”. You would need to send the file to a professional tuner or tune yourself. To open the file with UDC Pro in order to do your own custom tuning, you would need a UDC Pro License Dongle. Without it you can only view sample files. Here is the manual for UDC Pro which explains the process in detail. http://www.madselectronics.com/downloadfiles/UDCProRT.pdf
  15. 4Play

    Fass fuel line problems 150/titanium

    I've had great luck with their customer service. They replaced the return spring/ball seat with a slightly higher pressure for free and have always answered any questions quickly and thoroughly.