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  1. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    Alabama/Alberta..... meh .. they sound the same to an old hick from Idaho. Its only a few miles difference.
  2. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    You southern boys are your own country now?! Did you invite EPA in yet?
  3. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

  4. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    What did I just watch ...
  5. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    Nah .. wine drinkers in Italy. They do like their pasta and bread though.
  6. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    High carbohydrate intake while testing UDC on Cummins in the Alps might have something to do with it....
  7. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    I'm still waiting on the cylinder contribution test to be added on the Touch. Might have to get me one of dem dere fancy icarscan deeleewhoppers in the meantime.
  8. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    Sounds fishy to me. I'll end up digging into the issue soon. I thought the fog lights were on a load sensing circuit. Guess I could unplug one quick and find out.
  9. 4Play

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    @Rob D I've done some brief reading on the fog/high beam issue. I haven't verified but it sounds like the headlight switch becomes a heater due to the amp load and there is potential for melting the switch by running both at the same time. Sounds a little strange to me without actually seeing the diagram. I would think the lights would be on separate relays and the switch would only be carrying enough current to energize the relay coils. What I found is people adding another relay, energized by the high beams and/or toggle switch, to close the contacts for an alternate circuit to the fogs.
  10. 4Play

    Time to catch up and get ahead

    Same boat here. Just had to do a hard drive upgrade with all the new programs. The old 256 SSD was squealing for mercy. Bumped up to a TB. Now I just need to find the time.
  11. Stock head bolts over ~43 psi seems to start creeping into the uncertainty area. From all the reports I have heard at the local shops, it seems to come down to "most hold, some don't". Another thing you may check is your intercooler. Dodge used 2 different types on the '05. One is all metal and the other has plastic end caps. The plastic capped version, as I had on mine, has been know to develop leaks even at stock boost levels. Throw a large single turbo or average set of compounds on the truck and the end caps may exit stage left and/or stage right. The torque setting will drastically change the amount of smoke you will see in the lower boost levels. For each level it will increase or decrease the amount of fuel commanded at lower throttle percentages. This is why the throttle feels more responsive and the diameter of the black cloud increases. Although I am not sure what the curve looks like for different TnT torque levels, if I remember correctly, full throttle with level 1 is the same as level 4. Level 4 just adds more fuel quicker in the lower throttle percentages. In essence, you can fuel just as fast and hard with level 1 as you can with level 4. You just need to apply your foot to the floor at a faster rate. I'm sure someone will chime in if this is incorrect. It has been quite a long time since I have used the Revo or TnT tunes.
  12. 4Play

    '06 Com Mod Install and Errors

    I'm guessing that is exactly what happened. Since the truck was already running and the program partially wrote I would imagine when you put it in drive and sent commands to the ECM it lost its mind. When a flash fails, the ECM will have incomplete and possibly conflicting info causing a no-start as a fail-safe. I'm surprised it didn't die the second it tried to write. I also thought the Touch displayed a warning if the engine was running and you attempted to flash. I've never tried it and probably wont. If you haven't already, I'd re-flash under good circumstances to make sure the program is complete and doesn't cause issues later. Edit: After re-reading your first post it sounds like you may have missed a step on the key on/off portion after flashing. This would also cause the issue you described with possibly allowing you to restart and run for a bit. I'm trying to remember the name of the state the ECM ends up in. Kind of like a limp mode or what happens when a key is used that is not coded to the truck. It will start and run but die when you try to move it. I'll see if I can find what the condition is actually called. On this same topic, make sure your batteries are fully charged before attempting a flash and you may want to pull the fuse or install a switch to shut off your lift pump when flashing. The ECM is very sensitive to voltage drop and will fail if it drops low. If your batteries get weak or connections dirty you may end up finding out the hard way. In that case you'll want to unplug everything that may turn on and consume power while you flash. Especially the cycling lift pump. The erratic on/off voltage cycling seems to cause most people an issue at some point or another. Grid heaters too.
  13. 4Play

    '06 Com Mod Install and Errors

    You may be able to adjust some of it out. Take your time and make single adjustments. In the end, custom tuning would be the option for a clean powerful tune.
  14. 4Play

    '06 Com Mod Install and Errors

    Torque setting as it is used for the parameter you are seeing is the relationship of throttle position to fuel. As it is increased in levels you are supplying more fuel at the same throttle position.
  15. 4Play

    '06 Com Mod Install and Errors

    Hopefully you went for the ARP 625s. For now I'd say the lower power levels will be your friend for controlling smoke. Either way I'd try timing at 3, rail pressure at stock, and torque at stock if you need to keep the smoke down. I'm sending a request up the chain for information on the duration setting but since its real time you can play around with it and see what works best as with any of the other parameters. You may want try the lowest timing setting and see if it will help spool on the bottom end. It ends up being a balance game with a fixed amount of parameters in the canned tunes. Try different settings one at a time until you find what works best. Custom tuning would definitely be your best bet.