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  1. organicfarmer

    Parameters request update

    I'm not a tuner but i enjoy the results of UdcPro! Not sure what parameters this would need, but on my 04.5 if my TC locks in 3rd gear at heavy throttle & then my trans unlocks/locks as it shifts to OD, i end up with a locked shift as the triple disc TC cant unlock fast enough. The TC lock-up and OD shift is electronic, Surely the OD shift could be delayed a few micro seconds so the TC has time to completely unlock.... Thanks for your work! This is exciting 🤤
  2. organicfarmer

    transmission temp on smarty touch

    I have the 2.02.02 firmware and i dont have a trans temp pid, just checked. I run UDCPro, maybe you have a diff firmware...
  3. organicfarmer

    transmission temp on smarty touch

    My 04.5 don't have trans temp either, so I have a temp gauge probe thread into the Trans pan. someday we will get this feature! The latest update shows a lot of cool info! Even shows which gear I'm in.
  4. organicfarmer

    Smarty Touch and MM3 updates 5-25-18, New Switch Menu

    It appears to only be for the 06 and newer Rams, BUMMER!! Co'mon smarty! Gimme my switch!
  5. organicfarmer

    Smarty Touch and MM3 updates 5-25-18, New Switch Menu

    A "REAL" switch like EFI-Live? Click, click, click??? This would be like the ONLY thing i didnt like about my Touch/UdcPro.
  6. organicfarmer

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Thanks JW10, i'll try stock to see how she does, I thought it was mechanical but yeah, it is controlled electronically ... C'MON SMARTY!! DO IT!! At least with my BBI's, stock isnt so bad to drive... 😉 Apparently i never hit the submit button,.... Any way, Stock didnt change my problem. My issue is different then what you guys are talking about; 3rd to OD shift is fine, [this can be adjusted with UdcPro] its the 3rd ''LOCKED'' to OD shift at heavy throttle that bugs me, the TC never unlocks completely, leading to a LOCKED shift. I have a LED light wired in to the TC control so i can see when the TC is commanded to lock/un'lock; In this ^^^ situation the LED blinks off & then comes back on almost immediately. I was hoping the OD shift in this situation could be delayed 1~~sec to allow the TC to completely UN'lock....... ANY BODY have this problem???!!! Am i the ONLY one that has this issue??? 😞
  7. organicfarmer

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Thanks Rob, I talked with Dave about this and while wasnt promising anything he offered to put a valve body on his dyno and tweaking something, sounded like the pressure side of the TC engagement. Smaller hole so it engages slower but not to slow so the TC doesnt slip too much. He made it sound that the enlargeing the bleed-off side wouldnt work. ??? I was new to idea of the computer reprograming.... And reluctant to jump in without a 2nd or 3rd opinion. What year is your truck? There are lots of 3D TCs out there, How do they handle my problem? Just need a billet input shaft and good headrests?? 😆 ONE thing that would fix my problem would be a trans swap, a good 6-speed ''hand shaker'' would be sweet but i just had my trans rebuilt and its only $$$$
  8. organicfarmer

    TC lock-up 04.5

    I hope I was clear,... I was wondering if UdcPro could help with my locked shift. If not, i'll look into the computer reprogramming. I wanted to look into UdcPro 1st. Cheers!
  9. organicfarmer

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Hello everyone! I have a question about my 2004.5 Ram with the 48RE trans, I dont believe i asked this question before, if i have bare with me. Since i swapped in a low stall triple disc TC from Georend, I have what i call a 'locked shift', whenever i'm at heavy throttle and my trans locks the TC in 3rd and then it attempts to UN-lock BEFORE 4th gear engages. What i think is happening is the larger TC can't dump the oil psi fast enough so it [the TC] never releases before the trans grabs 4th. WHAM! feels like someone ran in my bumper. My 04.5 has the T/H on the shifter but this ONLY turns OD off/on. I am living with it but fear when someone else uses my truck and sees the TOUCH and just has to see what she can do..... I use the T/H button to control when OD shifts and then let off the throttle and all is fine. Dave Goerend contacted my trans builder [yes, because i complained] about getting my computer reprogrammed to help with this, [????] anyone hear of this before? Would this allow my trans to operate like a 05 when I'm told the TH setting changes how/when the TC locks. My thought is i want to know how this would work with UdcPro AND if maybe my prob could be corrected with-out this reprogramming. Thanks in advance for any input! Have a great day!
  10. organicfarmer

    Software Release 10-10-17

    Good day everyone, Is it me or are the #ers [6 small digital gauge] on the screen smaller then before? This ^^ update. I like the changes but especially the 'peak' #ers are really small....
  11. organicfarmer

    Software Release 10-10-17

  12. organicfarmer

    Software Release 10-10-17

    Increased RT parameters,... care to explain please? How will this effect my set-up? UdcPro tuning 2004.5 Ram
  13. organicfarmer

    Smarty touch gauges.

    I'm also waiting for the trans PID... So having a cheap Glo-Shift gauge is fine for now
  14. organicfarmer

    BBIs .5 for 04.5 - 07 Rams out NOW!

    John has tuned my ride, his answer is good. Thanks! PS, i responded to your PM Justin
  15. Hello! I swapped inj @ 220xxx miles because i was having hard starts. This fixed my problem.

    As with start-up haze, i had some before and after... I got rid of most with custom tuning. My friend John [AH64ID] tuned for me [uDC-Pro] and i was complaining about start-up haze, So when he was my area for training he stoppped in and made some 'live' adjustments. I still see some, but it is very slight. This is why i didnt want to go bigger then .05 BBI [60~hp more then stock]

    If the truck/engine runs well and dosnt have blow by, my guess would be tuning.

    Wish you well, God bless you.