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  1. Wild and Free

    05 just installed my smarty touch!

    05Woody, do yourself a huge favor and throw that K&N filter in the garbage as fast as you can unless you want to dust your engine. On stock 3rd gens the stock airbox and replacement filters for them flow more than enough air with a cold air mod to the bottom of the air box to support more power than most will ever get to.
  2. Wild and Free


    Just wondering if the ComMod will be the same throughout all years assuming they come out with updates requiring one for an 05? Wondering if by skipping over the $115 price they were last winter versus the $209 current price was worth the wait.:think:
  3. Wild and Free

    RaceMe ultra programmer

    Looking into it seems they only support 07 and newer 6.7 Cummins only and they have 3 models too mirroring the JR the regular smarty hand held unit and the touch but seems it is European based with free shipping to the USA for a lot of the sites and products I have found so far, I do see some usa sites who carry it and seems to be an emissions deleted support programmer.
  4. Wild and Free

    ComMod Guide

    1- No need to make excuses for folks failing to follow the old school "buyer beware" mentality. 2- comes back onto the product company to vet dealers to prevent this in the first place. 3 - In my experience with these things is going back through a vendor adds down time and added expense to most things, take my initial purchase of the touch, bought through a vendor had issues and came directly to you and you didn't even know why it failed, had it back in a couple days, had I gone through the vendor it would have been a week or better and un-needed back and forth between a middle man who would have had no answers as well. Ok done now back on track...........................
  5. Wild and Free

    ComMod Guide

    Guess its nothing I will need for some time then. Smarty has a good product and niche market so to speak but I won't buy until I see how it will benefit me after it is released for a while. Not keen when companies set anti-competition pricing where all vendors are locked into a set price by manufacturers and taking away the freedom of capitalism and the consumer.:mad0:
  6. Wild and Free

    ComMod Guide

    Are there different com mods for different years, looking at a couple vendors I see they are only listed as required for13-15 but list no other years realizing that is the only use as of now for them, is it a one size fits all type of thing?
  7. Wild and Free

    ComMod Guide

    What's coming down the pipe that I would need or want this for? Sorry I don't follow any performance forums anymore and am on the tail end of what I used to be on the leading edge of a few years back.
  8. Wild and Free

    ComMod Guide

    What benefit does this have for an 05 as of right now? I see no use for it on an 05 or am I missing something here?
  9. Wild and Free

    touch settings

    Sheesh the Jr. didn't last you very long..............:spend:
  10. Wild and Free

    Add on sensors

    Good thing I have held off on order some gauges to fill in the gaps I was looking for as well.:smart:
  11. Wild and Free

    Pillar mount for touch?

    Is that a pillar mount or dash mount, do you have pics of the back side of your set up? Looks like what I would like to do although the dash top mount war eagle posted looks nice too. How does it mount on or in the edge unit?
  12. Wild and Free

    Get ECM parameters failed, Error 70004, ID 7000

    This morning went out for the heck of it after trying 10 times yesterday, unplugged it from thr OBDII port for a few seconds before turning the key on plugged it back in and tadda now it works again, was able to do reprogram without a hitch. don't know what was the issue but works again now that we slept on it.
  13. Got it back from repair, installed it, set and installed program for the first trial run programmed complete and successful then setup the dashboards all was ok until I wanted to change some ECM programming after driving it a while and now I can not access ECM again to reprogram. Both lower right icons are green so I have communication but I get an error message as follows when I try to go into ECM area, all else seems to work fine...... Get ECM parameters failed Error 70004 ID 7000 Now what????:sad:
  14. Wild and Free

    No ECM Communication

    New issue new thread started for it. :frown:
  15. Wild and Free

    No ECM Communication

    Keep me posted on what you find. I like details. Is it coming back with a brand new set of directions hot off the press?:wink: