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  1. I did that a couple of times now. I downloaded the compressed file again and will try again in the morning. What is different with the 1.1.1 tunes , coming from the original 1.0.0 that shipped with the smarty?
  2. I downloaded both the 1.1.1 and the very latest from today, 1.3.0 I unzipped and copied the contents of the folder: Smarty_Touch_INIT_2016-03-03_08-00 into an 8 GB Microsd card. I got the error on attempted update "No valid update file found......." message Should I just copy the whole folder above, instead of the contents of the folder? I don't know what the Touch updater is looking for. What next? format the SD card? Copy the files on the factory supplied 2GB sd card, and then put the new firmware on that one?
  3. skyking

    location of underhood service bus on 2007

    Bad news. My 2007 does not have that green wire. It is blanked off in the plug shown. Maybe that is a 2007.5 harness. Edit: I had not seen your post, thanks to you and Gordon! you guys rock!
  4. skyking

    location of underhood service bus on 2007

    I wish. I have touched the whole engine harness to be sure.
  5. skyking

    location of underhood service bus on 2007

    Has anybody done this? Which wire on the ComMod did you connect with the wires on the truck?
  6. skyking

    location of underhood service bus on 2007

    does it matter which wire is which when I splice it in?
  7. skyking

    location of underhood service bus on 2007

    I don't see in that picture where I would splice it in. Which wire to which, etc. Thanks for any help you can provide. I really like the idea of on-the-fly and don't want to give up on it.
  8. I have looked all over to find this to connect the ComMod to my 2007 5.9 Any of you 5.9 guys around, can you give me a point in the right direction? I looked at the pictures in this thread, and no luck. http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?1323-ComMod-communication-module No empty connectors on the 2007 5.9 harness. I just overhauled the engine and was intimate with that harness and don't recall any open connectors either. I looked up and down the harness after the engine connection. Nothing there either. Is this something that we need to cut in?
  9. skyking

    Alternator control feature request

    What he said. If you see a significantly different voltage from one to the other when idling and charging, then one end of that crossover cable is loose or corroded. If the batteries are charged, there is negligible current passing across that big cable, so the drop should be next to nothing. If it is quite a bit lower, then the issue may be the left battery itself. Shut off the truck, disconnect the crossover at either end. The passenger side is easy to take off the post. Check voltages on each battery. Leave the crossover disconnected all night. Measure again. Often cooking one is really the result of trying to get a dead cell up on the other.
  10. Thanks Bob, I have that one. I am posting a question about the UDC Pro RT software.
  11. OK. Maybe they could contract me to write one? Here is my current strategy: 1) return truck to stock and vin Unlock the smarty touch 2) update the touch to the latest firmware 3) grab the stock file and make some changes---ask questions Question 1: Can I get one of the Catcher tunes, say SW5 and modify that instead of reinventing the wheel? What I want is the top end of SW5 while cutting the low boost fuel to get rid of smoke.
  12. I jumped in, and clicked all the help links in UDC Pro, and all I found was empty PDF files saying " coming soon". Where do I find a manual for the software?
  13. hello, My truck is an 07 G56 6 speed, with a fresh engine and stock reman injectors and the cam mentioned above. It seems to me that the Colt cam is not being serviced by the available tunes as well as is possible. What do you think? I have not updated my Touch to the new firmware yet, but I am ready to dive in.
  14. skyking

    New to Smarty, new to 3rd gens.

    Update: I ran that old clutch at SW3 for about 15000 miles of towing in the mountains. It was a sad clutch, I could slip it at will but I know how to keep things going. As Fred stated above, keep it out of the lower RPM dangerous torque levels. I ordered up a south bend OFE single disk, but the engine let go before I got it installed! Now I have a fresh reman engine, transmission, and a good clutch. What I want to do now is custom tuning. I have a colt Big Stick stage 3 cam and I think it would work better with something tailored to it.