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  1. Nopwr

    Full access tuning!

  2. Nopwr

    Full access tuning!

    I highly doubt it.. I saw a video with a stock 04 truck and he hit a switch and went into a VP tune. He has deleted the video and I've also saw them using computers to data log.. And no smarty touch in sight..
  3. I see there is a couple tuners messing with a beta software where its giviing the 03-05 full access no limit sci tuning.. Firepunk has posted it on their Facebook.. Now is smarty going to release their OTF tuning soon? Will there full access tuning for us? I can tell you if this software comes out before smarty can do something I might go ahead and sell my smarty.. I've been with smarty ever since I've owned my truck and depended on UDC for awhile and its sad we haven't seen any full access tuning yet.. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.. It either will be with smarty or this new BrandX software being developed. Rumor has it, its HP tuners.
  4. Nopwr

    03-05 VP tune

    Yes a VP tune for the 03-05.. This single injection is showing some good results in the newer trucks.. Better fuel mileage. Cooler egts. Better power..
  5. Nopwr

    03-05 VP tune

    Might be a dumb question.. Udc... Is there a way to make a VP tune? Or is udc not advance enough.. I saw one company who is making a new tuner so this will be capable for us 03-05 trucks alone with OTF and 100% custom tunes.. But no release date.. So smarty.. When is udc going to become more advance for us early common rails..
  6. Nopwr

    RaceMe ultra programmer

    I'm thinking it's a spin off of smarty so they can sell delete tunes for the newer trucks.
  7. Nopwr

    Smarty Touch update 11-9-15

    Yes.. I haven't done a a lock up switch yet.. This would be a way better alternative
  8. Nopwr

    RaceMe ultra programmer

    someone isnt telling the truth here.....
  9. Nopwr

    Smarty Touch update 11-9-15

    will we have OTF for us 03-05 trucks before the end of the year?
  10. Nopwr

    RaceMe ultra programmer

    Hmmm.. But can totally copy the design and look of the software... Time to sue.
  11. Nopwr

    RaceMe ultra programmer

    Soooo idk why it took me this long to finally see this.. But why does the smarty touch and raceme ultra looks exactly the same.. Is one of these companies a spin off? And I'm guessing they are using the same software. Brian you know anything about this?
  12. Nopwr

    Smarty Touch Software update, 10-27-15

    Lalalalalala. U know.. Just hanging out waiting for OTF and better touch options for the older trucks.. Keep seeing all these new trucks getting the goodies.
  13. Nopwr

    Smarty Touch Update, 9-1-15

    haha yea it was a joke.. stock batteries in a 2005 needed replaced by now.
  14. Nopwr

    pids for 04-05

    this doesnt answer my question Brian.. i drive a 2005.. and i have the Trans options on my Smarty touch.. im trying to see why this happens for some trucks and no others? is it something in our ECMs? i can guess im lucky but i would like more in depth answering. Thanks
  15. Nopwr

    pids for 04-05

    brian how come some trucks have more options on their pids then other with the 04-05 trucks.. i see on the pid list it shows no trans options.. but i have it on my truck and some other dont have it on theirs.. whats the deal with this and it not being so consistent between all of our trucks?