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  1. BigR79

    Manual High Idle Enable

    Is there any instructions on setting high idleuseing cruise? I've had my touch for 2 years and had no clue it would do this
  2. BigR79

    High EGT's

    I'm running 05 48re 5" exhaust Afe air filter in stock box opened up Catcher 5 Timming 1 RP 3 Toque 3 I hit 12-1300 EGT's relatively easy How do I get this temp down
  3. BigR79

    pids for 04-05

    My 05 has 9 different trans options, though my temp would hit 260° pretty easy pulling a 25' trailer so not sure if it's accurate bc my oil doesn't look or smell burnt
  4. BigR79

    Dead battery's

    Ok, was just wondering, time to start dissecting other options Thanks Brian
  5. BigR79

    Dead battery's

    Has anyone had problems with battery drain since installing smarty sr? I put fass in at the same time as the smarty and since then if my rig sits for more than 1 day it's dead, they are 1 year old cat battery's
  6. BigR79

    PRO UDC RT Release

    You stop playing with the 05 CR?
  7. My number 5035502904

  8. BigR79

    Smarty Touch Software update, 10-27-15

    When I was on my desktop I clicked the link and all it look like was a image download, I have tried it and couldn't get anything from it? I am struggling with this touch, I know it will do a lot but without any buddy's that know them I'm left in the dark
  9. BigR79

    Smarty Touch Update, 9-1-15

    Thank you, I will try this when I get home
  10. BigR79

    Smarty Touch Update, 9-1-15

    I watched vid and did all but at the end it won't let me send it?
  11. BigR79

    Low voltage

    I was running 5 with timing and 4 without seemed to be more responsive , We hooked another truck up to it with cables left it running and still nothing, I had to pull lift fuse, and ABS fuse and it took the program then
  12. BigR79

    Low voltage

    It seems I get the low voltage notification every time I reprogram, I have new batteries good altnater anyone else have this issue? Also installed a fass 150 and now when I'm on 4 without timing I get a pop noise when getting on it, any ideas?
  13. I have a 05 also with touch, I was told it takes temp from the VB, mine hits 220°-240° pulling! I hope that this is normal in that area
  14. BigR79

    05 CR trans temp

    On my 05 48RE I can get tranny oil temp, is this after cooler or pre?